13 Tell - All Signs That You Are An APU Student

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 04 Apr 2022
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APU cafeteria with students.

(Source: www.apu.edu.my)

Cheap Thrills

  • Cheap and Delicious Chicken Rice for only RM 3.50 As a student, you are generally broke unless you are one of the few kids that have rich parents, one of the more famous eat-out places around APU is the chicken rice shop located at the cafeteria in the ground floor. It’s cheap and it does the job, what’s more perfect is that is always available.
  • Pisang Goreng is a must - have during tea time A staple to any APU student unless you hate eating bananas or fried anything in that matter.
  • Lunch at PitStop is a no-brainer If you are craving for Western Food, then Pitstop is just the right place to go, their spaghetti and waffles give you the value for your money plus all the carbo-loading pleasures you need in one bite. “What? It does the job la!”

APU students in the computer lab.

(Source: www.apu.edu.my)

Assignment Time

In APU, assignments have a whole different meaning. If in other universities, assignment can come in batches of three or four, in APU, it is only one per lecture and will determine 50% of your final grade. So just imagine the stress students when assignments are due. During this time the:

  • Computer lab especially the printing room is full of students. Students come in as early as 8.30am to school just to secure a location to give last minute touches, edits to their assignment. It’s literally a do or die moment. After this
  • There will be a long queue at the printing shop in Level 1 because everyone wants to have their assignments binded. Talk about doing this early, well, students are like that after all.
  • The worst experience would be seeing students literally running to the admin office just to submit an assignment last minute. It’s almost like F1, the adrenaline levels are the same!

Cultural Diversity

Arguably, APU is the one of the most diverse university in Malaysia if not the most. 80% of APU’s student body is basically made up of international students from Indonesia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, China, South Korea and many more. So as a result APU is a place to party! Multi-cultural night is the most happening event in APU every year; Raya, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Ponggal celebration are a constant. [Read: Indonesians Talk About Their Experience Studying In Malaysia]

APU students in the library.

(Source: www.apu.edu.my)

Studying Time

If you don’t know where to hangout and what to bring during study sessions, you might just end up failing an exam. In APU it is very crucial because although there are many places you can study at, the location might have some things that you won’t like, for example:

  • The Main building’s library is always very cold, you always have to bring a jacket if you want to study or do your assignment there.
  • There are more empty classrooms in Enterprise 3 than in the main building; you can find empty classrooms perfecto to study and hang-around during a long break.
  • The almost impossible place to study location, the Mines Campus Lakeside Library 2. Everybody seems to love spending time at that place. I wonder why…

APU Mines campus lakeside library.

(Source: www.apu.edu.my)

Good to Know

  • My guy friends told me that all the pretty girls are studying at the Mines Campus, I think this is because the Mines campus have courses like business management, tourism, and accounting.
  • Waiting for the elevator (this applies to all the elevators!) to come isn’t a good idea. It’s so slow, climbing the stairs has never been a good idea.
  • In the TPM campus, buses are always full come 5pm, and will come in intervals of 30 mins to an hour due to traffic jam.

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Posted on 09 Oct 2017