5 Things To Expect When Joining Sororities or Fraternities

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 04 Apr 2022
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Social life

Greek life will make you busy. From formals and volunteering to parties and fun, you’ll spend a lot of time with your house. Your social calendar will always be full of events to attend and things to do. However, most of events are going to be scheduled for you and despite the fact that houses are not exclusive and you can be friends with everyone, it might be more difficult finding time to join other clubs or activities on campus. It might influence your academic performance as well, cos’ it’s so hard to refuse going to that themed party in order to meet the deadlines.

Trivia: There are theme parties and then there are theme parties. Yes, there are Roman themed parties and anything-but-clothes parties and, yes, that amazing colorful parties. But here I’m talking about something like Stilts and Kilts theme. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time on your Thursdays making costumes for the weekend!

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Financial and Time Commitment

Life in Greek community implies many strict rules and obligations. You have to behave accordingly to your sorority’s principals and always remember that you represent your house. Moreover, a great social life will cost you a bunch. Some people might ask you why would you pay to be friends will sorority girls? Cos’ all those events, new Greek T-shirts for each philanthropy event that you are hosting and presents for your small sister makes your bank account shrink significantly.  

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Greek life brings you closer to so many people. Consistent get togethers with other fraternities and sororities as well as formal events gives you chance to develop great social network that once will become your professional network as well. Major projects in life mostly come from the weak ties that we have through our friends and friends of friends.

Pledging for a certain house makes you a part of big community of peers and all the alumni who might organize that one internship for you or just give guidance and insights about your prefered career. People create new opportunities for each and every one of us and you’ll get lot’s of them joining Greek.

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Friendship For Life  

And as you won’t like everybody from your house, cos’ wearing the same letter doesn’t automatically mean that you like each other. Nonetheless there will be people with whom you’ll share the best and the worst moment not only during your college life but in your future life as well. Big sisters that are wiser and more mature will offer you advice in every life situation. They will be your mentors and inspire you to develop and be the best you can. Small sisters will look up to you and expect you to be wiser and better to learn from you. Some of this girls will stay with you through all your life and will be your support in every moment you need it.

Stereotype of people in college.

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Non-Greek students has stereotypes against Greek members, guys and girls from other houses have stereotypes against your house and even professors have certain stereotypes against Greeks. So sometimes being a Greek is not so easy. Sometimes people will judge you based on the latter on your T-shirt and you have to be cool about it.

Because of the Hollywood movies people think that all sorority girls are mean, self-centered and shallow and fraternity guys are constantly drunk stupid womanizers. In the reality it’s not so simple. There are different people in every house and if your main goal joining Greek is to party every night, you have to overthink your priorities. As Greeks have many parties, sororities and fraternities are strict on the whole no boys/alcohol/parties in the house rule.

Top 5 Universities With Best Greek Life:

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  2. DePauw University Greencastle, IN
  3. Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
  5. University of South Carolina Columbia, SC

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Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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