7 Beautiful Universities By The Sea

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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In this feature, we look into some of the world's beautiful campuses that combine educational opportunity with beauty and recreation. It's going to be Spring Break every day! 

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


The University campus occupies a 60-hectare (150-acre) site of sweeping natural beauty on the Clear Water bay peninsula in East Kowloon, less than 30 minutes’ drive from Central Hong Kong. In addition to classrooms, laboratories, and other academic facilities, there are a wide range of athletic and recreational facilities including a multi-purpose sports hall, an athletic field with all-weather turf, modern running tracks, playing fields, tennis courts, squash courts, Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool, and an indoor swimming pool.


Silliman University, Philippines

Silliman's school anthem says it all, "Where the white sands and the corals kiss the dark blue southern seas and the palm trees tall and stately, wave their branches in the breeze, stands a college we all honor..." The campus is home to one of the country's largest libraries (by number of books) and has its own Luce Auditorium for the arts and dance. The campus is just right beside Rizal Boulevard where people can stroll and catch the fresh sea breeze whilst enjoying barbecued chicken or tempura from makeshift stalls and restaurants. With its campus adorned with over 300 century-old acacia trees, this university is considered as one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the Philippines. 


Wawasan Open University, Malaysia

Who would've thought that long-distance learning would need a location right beside the sea and within a food capital? Wawasan Open University (WOU) was established in 2006 with a unique and socially responsible objective – to provide working adults access to quality higher education via Open Distance Learning (ODL) regardless of their educational, ethnic or socio-economic background. The campus is right in the heart of Penang - George Town - where people can discover beautiful temples, fascinating street art, enjoy delicious food, and of course...view the majestic sea. 


Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Australia

Although Deakin University is located in the Victoria city's central business district, students of this university mostly head to Cunningham Pier which is just a three-minute walk from the campus. The pier has restaurants, bars and cafe - just perfect for students who want to unwind from a gruelling exam. Aside from the pier, the campus has two beaches - Western and Eastern beach - which is just a 20-minute walk from the university. 


Kingsborough University College, New York

Kingsborough Community College is located in a tranquil seaside that provides a perfect setting for students to reflect and learn. During the summer season, between late June and early September, students of Kingsborough (and other nearby universities) attend private beach opens. During term time, swimming is not allowed but students can still relax and play along the seaside. 


Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China is the country's best university offering courses in ocean sciences, with major research being carried out in that field. The university is located in Qingdao , a beautiful seaside city full of German and Italian flavor, and known for its world famous beer.


St George's University Medical School, Grenada

Located in the Island of Spice, St George's University has a stunning campus - 65 buildings on 42 acres of land, visually enhanced with vivid Carribean colours. Due to the balmy tropical climate, students of St George's usually engage in activities such as scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing. 

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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