The Bad Boys Club: Comic book Supervillains in University

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Doctor Doom

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Highly competitive, who believes on his superiority among his peers, Doctor Doom was described as an unstable genius, anti-social student. He went to study at New York's Empire State University on a scholarship.  The Fantastic Four’s archenemy was actually expelled from university because he caused quite a scene in the school, oh you know, a massive explosion. So, his bachelor’s degree and title “Doctor” are definitely sham.  

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Doctor Octopus 

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Creepy wobbly hands aside, Doctor Octopus actually has a PhD. He graduated with a degree in Physical Science and became the youngest person to serve on the National Board of Nuclear Science. His dark childhood history (he had a violent and abusive father), made him shy and reclusive, but this did not stop him from earning top marks in school. His father’s death in an industrial accident pushed him to study physical science.

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Green Goblin

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Before he went wacko, Norman Osbourne studied in Empire State University on a scholarship and completed two degrees – chemistry and electrical engineering. The science nut founded OsCorp, met an unexpected accident after experimenting with an unstable chemical concoction which exploded in his face. The incident made him superhumanly powerful, not to mention crazy.

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Minister Sinister

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He has been compared with Doctor Doom and Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) as one of the most intelligent people on Earth due to years of research on mutantss and their powers, human and alien biology, various knowledge in science, among others. Even he looked like an 11 year old, this 50 year old genius had tons of decades of scientific research to fall back on, making him a master manipulator and planner.

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Doctor Phosphorus

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Once an actual scientist with a doctorate degree, Dr. Alex Sartorius was hired to work at the Gotham City nuclear power plant when it went critical. Things led to complication when a crack in a reactor core caused Alex Sartorius to get "five million slivers of (radioactive) red-hot sand" into his body.

The sand radiation caused Alex to be forever burning because the nuclear reactions turned the silicon in the sand to phosphorus. He then began a quest for revenge against the people he blames for his terrible fate, encountering with Batman on a few occasions.

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Ra's al Ghul 

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He pursued a life as a researcher and physician in the city and after, started life as a nomad for over six  centuries because of his interest in science and medicine. Ra's al Ghul took the self- learning route, work experience and apprenticeship to study science. Being a genius in science, he discovered the germ theory of disease hundreds of years before anyone else and got revenge on the prince who killed his wife Sora. Later on, he invented a deadly virus known as Ebola Gulf or The Clench in his self- built international company.

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Doctor Death

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He used his self- developed poison in some kind of Gotham City extortion racket after creating this lethal chemical agent from pollen extract. As his name suggested, he is a Ph. D and most probably took maths and all sciences at A-level, then followed up with degree specialisations in chemistry and biology and a further doctorate in biochemistry. With his expertise in biochemistry, he produced and sold bio-weapons in the black market, while wearing his favourite garb - a lab coat and oxygen mask.

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Lex Luthor

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With his own company, LexCorp, this highly successful businessman started his company - an aerospace engineering organisation and which grew through acquisition and incorporated airlines, fuel companies, media, banks, robotics, security, satellites, food and a number of other properties among others. He is known for his genius level intellectual as he has solved complicated equations in a few minutes. He also holds a number of masters and degrees including master's degree in science. Moreover, he also found cures for diseases in deep thought and found ways to better mankind while still profiting from its destruction besides creating his own supervillain armor.

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