Blogger Danielle Chong Dishes on Life in the University

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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A permanent fixture in social events and blogosphere, Danielle Chong from Taylor's University shares with us her life in the university, as well as her plans after graduation.

How did you decide on what course to study after your high school? 

I actually did the American Degree Programme for a year because I wanted to study in the US but after a year, I realised ADP wasn't the programme for me so I transferred to Taylor's School of Communication and pursued my Diploma in Communication where I major in Advertising. 

What made you decide to go to Taylor's?

At that time, my parents and I felt that Taylors Lakeside University offered the best American Degree Programme. I also love all the facilities provided by Taylors. 

Danielle during her graduation in Taylor's 


Share with us any memorable experience in Taylor’s and your college / university life.  What makes it unforgettable?

Even though I transferred from ADP, some of my most memorable experiences were from ADP.

An ADP student decided to create the ADP Cup where students form their teams to go against one another. I made plenty of new friends and I learned a lot. The Cup included sports such as a basketball and dodgeball tournament and even computer games! 

Also, when I was doing my diploma, one of the courses required me to form a group and create an ad campaign for Zalora and my team and I did not expect our ad campaign to win a Taylor's Shine Award for best ad campaign proposal. 



What are the top three tips you will give to students who would like to study Communication and Advertising?

  • 1st tip: When it comes to studying communication, it helps to find out which field you're interested in whether it is advertising, broadcasting or public relations. 
  • 2nd tip: Your internship is really important so don't miss out and make sure you determine which field you're interested in and apply for your internship early. My internship really helped me decide if Advertising was the right field for me and having a chance to intern at a huge agency allowed me to get a glimpse of what agency life would be like. 
  • 3rd tip: Be sociable. It's really important to be sociable and approachable, especially with your course mates. Your course mates can help you throughout your course so it's important to have a good relationship with your peers. 

What are the top five items you cannot live without during college?

  1. My make up bag
  2. My purse 
  3. My phone
  4. A notebook - Besides my notepad for class, I keep a book with me at all times so I can write down any of my creative ideas ( I tend to forget my ideas sometimes) 
  5. Earphones - I'd usually have some instrumental music to help focus when I need to be in front of a computer screen for hours.

Apart from being a model and a social media influencer, where do you see yourself in five years time? 

I see myself working in a digital marketing agency and getting more involved in social media campaigns. But whatever I do in that time, I'm going to make sure I do my best.

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Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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