4 Career Options a Law Degree Can Offer You

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Have you ever watched Suits or Damages? Ever read John Grisham? The legal profession is an interesting one as depicted by those works of fiction (albeit dramatized). For the longest time, it is deemed a badge of honour by many and is a sign of prestige. The common perception of a lawyer in society’s eyes is an educated and highly-respected individual serving justice to the masses.


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Too Many Lawyers? We Don't Have Enough

Brought to you by University of London International Programmes


We aren’t joking -Hail, hail the new tech era! It’s putting lawyers to work.



Depressed Law & Order has been cancelled? Addicted to Suits? Loved Legally Blonde? 

Laws, lawyers, and law universities are everywhere. Some say too many lawyers are being minted, resulting in a rush for training places in law firms. The truth is: It doesn't matter. Law graduates can excel in numerous fields, from banking to politics, or possibly even running your own firm or company, like the two lawyer-turned-founders of Kaodim, a Malaysia-based service marketplace.


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