How Can Monday Blues Be Cured?

By Samya | Last modified 14 Feb 2020
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Do you feel the need for motivation on Monday mornings? Are you often stagnant and edgy when it comes to Mondays? If you’re nodding affirmatively, you might have to watch out for the Monday blues.

Monday blues refers to a guilt feeling or slight tension that we feel, knowing that we must go back to school or work after the break. Blues allude to sadness, associated with the colour blue, which depicts a lack of blood, energy, and strength.

There are several ways to cure Monday blues, which are as follows:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an essential factor to kick away the blues. Imagine you are sleep-deprived, and you need to wake up early to attend classes, you will feel weary, which will result in a bad mood. However, in contrast, if you get enough sleep, you will feel well-rested and energetic to complete your tasks. 

2. Keep your schedule light

Another way to cure the blues is by keeping the schedule light on Monday. For example, if you’re planning to do some heavy tasks on Monday, then try to keep all those tasks on the other day. This will help you to come into Monday with more ease from the weekend. 

3. Change your mindset

A mind is a powerful tool, and although it doesn’t sound realistic, chanting mantras to yourself does work. A great way to beat the blues is to convince yourself that the blues don’t even exist. Chanting “Mondays are okay” to yourself will not only lift your mood but will also guarantee stable mental health.

Change your mindset - Monday blues

4. Make plans

Another different thing you could try is making plans on Monday nights instead of the usual Friday/Saturday night out. Partying wouldn’t be a good idea, as it is a weeknight, but signing up for a yoga class or a book club could ease the dread of Mondays and will instead leave you excited. 

5. Be active

After following a weekend of partying or inactiveness, Mondays are a beautiful day to get back into track and prioritize your fitness. Exercising is a healthy way to toss out the Monday blues.

Therefore, whether you’re forcing yourself to go to the gym or taking the stairs, it will benefit you by brightening up your mood while adding a boost to your metabolism. Furthermore, there is evidence that increased exercise for teenagers has shown boosted levels of morale.

To conclude, there are several different cures to the Monday blues. Whether it’s by getting a good night’s sleep, keeping a light schedule, making plans, being positive, or doing a short workout, little things like this can make your Mondays turn out to be more fruitful, increasing your productivity level during the day.

From our perspective, Monday blues are just a belief, and it can be changed by treating Monday’s same as the other days of the week.  

Posted on 04 Dec 2019
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