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By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 06 Feb 2018
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Believe it or not, a large part of Asia owns some of the region’s most progressing countries known as the ‘Four Asian Tigers’ and consisting of Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Alongside the optimistic outlook of Asian Tiger economies, countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and a few others are also leading the movement in bridging for a promising economy and education for the future generation.

For many, the Tiger symbol runs deep within Asian culture, depicting fine qualities such as excellence, progressiveness, and above all, Asia itself. But what makes the relentless Asian Tigers of Asia so special? The truth is, these countries are already putting their paws on plans to further encourage youth mobility through policies and strong digital infrastructure.

Singapore outdoes Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, by securing a proud spot as #1 in DotAsia’s Youth Mobility Index (YMI) 2018 Rankings, a report that looks into youth’s mobility through 3 distinctive sectors — education, employment, and entrepreneurship mobility. It gained an overall score in education mobility with strong English proficiency and a well-established schooling system.

Undoubtedly, the other major Asian Tigers don’t fall short on their own achievements too. Hong Kong also possesses a strong Torrent — combined outbound and inbound students, migrants, travellers, goods and services). On the other hand, Taiwan tops at #1 in the Life Experience Index (LifeX) which ultimately recognises it as being an enjoyable destination for mobile youth. South Korea earns #1 in Tertiary Enrolment Ratio and boasts the best score for University Ranking & Reputation.

However, these Asian Tigers admit to having many areas in need of improvement, particularly on factors that affect the build towards high youth education mobility. They believe that handling these deficiencies will allow youth to be mutually competitive with other developed countries on a global level.  

Posted on 06 Feb 2018
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