Engineers: We Run the World

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Here are a few questions for you: Are you particularly good at science and mathematics, and ready to apply them in your future career? Do you you have a strong sense of responsibility and can work under high pressure? Are you ready take on the challenge of creating infrastructures in and out of they city? If you answered YES to all the questions, why not consider taking up engineering? 

What Does an Engineer Do?

Generally speaking, engineers are good problem solvers, with the practical application of science & mathematics. As the field of engineering  has become so diverse in recent years, it is difficult to define what an engineer does. An engineering student can specialize into different fields, such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, etc. Each  field tackles different kinds of problems in order to meet various needs and demands of the society.

For instance, mechanical engineers analyse, design and develop mechanical devices; chemical engineers deal with the transformation of raw materials into beneficial and useful products; civil engineer plan and oversee the construction projects as well as improve the environment where we live in; electrical & electronic engineers are in charge of the design, development and manufacture of electrical equipment. These are just the basics as there are more subfields in Engineering you probably couldn’t imagine for now.

How Much Does an Engineer Make?

Engineering is among the highest paying professions in Malaysia as there’s a great demand for engineers in almost every industry. They work for a massive variety of industries such as transport, medical, banking and finance, and pharmaceutical, construction etc.



Before entering college, you have to take science stream subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry as well as English subjects which can back you up in college.

When you are going into university, it’s compulsory for you to take an engineering course accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

You have to register as a Graduate Engineer with BEM  after you graduate, before you are allowed to work as an engineer officially. After at least 3 years of working experience, you are only eligible to register as a Professional Engineer.  Prior to that, you must pass the Professional Assessment Examination so that you are entitled to get that prefix “Ir.” before your name. And…what’s next ? More and more big projects are awaiting you!

Getting a Job is Easy

Well, if you are still concerned about getting an engineering job in Malaysia, here are some figures that might relieve you a bit.

In order to reach the status of a developed nation as what is stated in Vision 2020, Malaysia needs 200,000 engineers. For your information, there are only 70,000 registered engineers in Malaysia.

So, what are you waiting for?   


Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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