Everything you need to know about transportation in KL

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Where can I rent a car? 

There are many car rental services in Malaysia and each cater to different budgets. Generally, car rental companies require a RM500 deposit apart from the rental fee. The rental amount depends on the type of vehicle you're planning to rent and the duration. The longer the rental duration, the cheaper the daily rental amount.

International students who need a compact car such as proton satria or perodua viva, could expect a rental fee of RM700 and 1,300 per month, respecitvely. You can check out these car rental companies: 

Where can I hitch a ride? 

If renting a car is not your cup of tea, there are wallet-friendly options for you. Carpooling, such as Uber and Grab is popular in KL, and this is a very good option if you need to get to somewhere that happens to have no public transportation available.

Uber is ideal for short distance trips whereas, for long distances, Grab is highly recommended. Before you book, don't forget to check their website for promo codes! Usually, these apps offer discounts for first-time users. For travels outside, KL Tripda is ideal.

Where can I purchase second-hand cars? 

When planning to purchase a second-hand car, it's a good practice that you deal directly with the car owner so you'll have a better understanding of the car's condition, and possibly, get a good price. Be wary of second-hand cars that are less RM5,000, it can either be stolen, has an accident record or has a major motor problem. If in doubt, always get a third-party mechanic to check the car. 

In Petaling Jaya, the parking lot of Amcorp Mall every Sunday is a good place to find second-hand cars. Another place you shouldn't miss out would be your university facebook marketplace/ community - foreign students who need to return to their respective countries will need to immediately dispose their cars.  In this scenario, there's a highly likely chance you'll get a good price. 

  • Mudah.my
  • Carlist.my
  • Autoworld.com.my
  • Motortrader.com.my


Can foreign students apply loan for new/used cars? 

Banks are generally happy to provide loans, and yes, international students can apply for car loans but since they're not working, they'll need to show financial proof that they're capable of repaying the loan, and a guarantor (most preferably a local with good credit standing).

Proton is the country's national car, and it's the cheapest (in terms of maintenance) compared to big names such as Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Other local car names you should consider would be Perodua - this brand is known for its Myvi as it consumes less petrol than any other compact cars. 

The interest rates for a new car are usually between 2% and 4% per year (second- hand cars between 4% and 8%). Loans that can be applied are typically for around 10 years in case of a new car. 


Can I take a bus or train instead? 

Bus travel is popular in Malaysia and the country has several major bus terminals.  Pudu Sentral used to be the major bus terminal in KL but most of its bus companies have now moved to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan or TBS, an advance terminal which is built to serve the southbound buses. TBS is also connected to the KTM and KLIA express trains. 

If taking the train's your thing then try the ETS (Gold/Silver)  trains in KL Sentral to go to Ipoh and Butterworth, it'll save you more time. Foreign students can apply for the KTMB i-card which entitles the cardholder 40% discount for all KTM services. Awesome isn't it? Read here on how to apply for KTMB i-card.


Can I cycle? 

Are you planning to lessen your carbon footprint? Sorry to dampen your spirits but that's less likely to happen in Kuala Lumpur as there are no bicycle lanes available. But if you just want to cycle to keep yourself fit and healthy, and strengthen that affinity with nature, there are places you can enjoy this activity. Here are some parks to check out! 

  • Wetland Park, Putrajaya
  • Lake Gardens, Shah Alam
  • FRIM, Kepong
  • Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL
  • Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
  • Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya
  • Kepong Metropolitan Park, KL
  • Taman Jaya Park, Petaling Jaya
  • Taman Tasik Cyberjaya

If you have question regarding transportation in KL, feel free to post your question/s in our Forums! 

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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