The Rise of Fake News and Its Impact on Society

By Sharifah Sakinah | Last modified 06 Sep 2019
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What is Fake News and how can we combat this? Take a look at our infographic below and let us build a better society together!

Fake news

In today’s globalised and interconnected world, information can be shared easily at the tip of our fingers.

This technological advancement has brought a positive impact in our lives, however, the risks it poses should not be taken for granted.

If you are an avid user of social media, we are certain you have come across articles or news that went ‘viral’, but have we ever wondered the authenticity of the information shared?

In other words, are we contributing to the rise of fake news?

According to Dr Tan Meng Yoe, coordinator of the Master of Communications and Media Studies in Monash University Malaysia, “fake news” refers to the dissemination of information through news channels, social media and even WhatsApp groups.

This would mean that any one of us could be responsible in propagating misinformation.

A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MIT) discovered that fake news spread faster than true news. This is an alarming issue and requires urgent attention, but fret-not as for every problem there is always a solution.

So how do we solve this? At EasyUni, we believe education is the key for a better future.

We need to work together and educate the public on the dangers of spreading fake news. The simple act of clicking the “share” button has real consequences in our society.

The anti-vaccination movement that is currently on the rise is a crucial example of why we should not simply share news without validating its sources.

We hope the infographic above can provide you a brief overview of the Danger of Fake News and hopefully we are able combat this rising threat together!

Posted on 27 Mar 2019
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