Foundation Studies at UCSI: Get the distinctive head-start

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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A Foundation in Science or Arts seems like a straightforward path if you have already decided which field to study. But why should you choose a Foundation in Science or a Foundation in Arts at UCSI University over other pre-university courses, such as A-Level, Australian Matriculation or STPM?

The reason is simple: specialised pathways to success.

The great thing about a Foundation programme is that it prepares you for a smooth transition into the degree of your choice, depending on which of the Foundation programme you had opted for, at the same university once you have successfully completed it.

At UCSI, we offer three varieties of Foundation programmes: Foundation in Science, Foundation in Arts, and Foundation in Music.

Our Foundation programmes are focused on equipping you with critical thinking and independent learning skills while fast-tracking your progression to around 100 industry-acclaimed programmes at our University. Many programmes stand out as far as quality is concerned and this is evident all the way from Foundation studies onwards.

Form 5 school leavers will be pleased to note that UCSI Foundation programmes in Science and Arts will provide them with additional classes in English and Maths. To ensure students get the bang for their buck, Science classes for Foundation students are taught by professors, preparing students for future studies — and careers — in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Additionally, they have the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by some of UCSI’s esteemed professors through the Foundation Mentorship Programme. By bringing their experiences into the classroom, our academics cater to an exhilarating learning environment and learners will expand their skills and capabilities as they balance academic mastery with industrial application.

You will also be in good company. Talented and ambitious students make the Centre their first choice and many record personal milestones here. These individuals will be part of your cohort and the camaraderie you find at the Centre will endure — your classmates will become an integral part of your lifelong network.

A strong tradition of academic excellence prevails at UCSI University because we provide detailed attention to our students’ development. Their success stories in fields of studies like medicine, science, engineering, accounting, business and arts, are testimonies of the high degree of care and academic guidance we offer. Your experiences here will prepare you for future challenges that await you at university and beyond.

UCSI Student Achievers

Campus life is exhilarating and UCSI stands out as a cultural melting pot with students from more than 110 nations.

Experience all this and more for yourself by visiting UCSI’s Scholarship and Application Days on 25-26 March, as well as the Open Days on 15-16 and 22-23 April.

Seasoned UCSI counsellors will be on hand to assist you from 10am to 6pm. Go on campus tours, view UCSI’s many facilities and see first-hand how UCSI is expanding its campus by adding more than one million ft2 of state-of-the-art learning space through the construction of two new academic buildings.

Some dates are more important than others. Save these ones.

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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