Have fun during long study hours with these Playlists

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 07 Mar 2018
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Camping in front of your laptop with textbooks and readers won’t be such a drag anymore with the right music. Explore the playlist below to help find the perfect tunes to uplift your spirits, sharpen your focus and just have plain fun in your chair for the next hour or three.

Soundtrack to Norwegian TV/Web show SKAM

An eclectic mix of old and new tracks, jam out to nostalgic tunes and discover new ones as you crank out that essay. With artists ranging from Childish Gambino and Britney Spears to some Norwegian artists, expand your playlist for any occasion. SKAM ran for 4 seasons, and was set to over 190 songs so there is no end to the fun, chill tracks.

Soundtrack to the Undertale game

Utilising the theory that game music helps you study, mulling over letters and numbers will be transformed into an adventure alongside the simple and sweet tunes of 8-bit fantasy. With adorable starting menu tunes and perking jams like Megalomania, battle your homework like the human battles Sans!

Classical Music

The age old saying of classical music helps growth can be tried out with literally hundreds of videos on Youtube. Just  pick your favorite composer and enjoy an over 2-hour compilation of sweet tunes, rousing ballads, and resonating orchestrals.

EDM playlist

Have a party in your own head! Drone out the scattered thoughts in your head with DJ Snake, repetitive lyrics and a standard bass drop with some techno and dance tunes. Their consitencies may even influence yours.

Genre-fied music

Try something new! Random compilations of Western ballads, piano/guitar instrumentals, and stuff you haven’t heard before will steer you to unconsciously stay awake with pure curiosity.

Ambient music

Worried you’ll wander too far in playlist building itself? Go straight to ambient sounds (rain, wind, cafe chatter without the nuisance, or deep sea sounds) But be warned, this might lead to falling asleep as destressing tunes are designed to lull you to a state of not-thinking.

Got more suggestions or found something that worked? Share your playlist to save another sleepy and frustrated student!

Posted on 07 Mar 2018
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