Hottest Courses for 2016

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Computer Science

Whether you are aspiring to create hi-tech mechanisms or interested to improve today's technology, Computer Science is the foundation for careers for today's top tech jobs. Pay attention on your programming courses such as computer languages C++ and Java and you will be on your way to becoming the next big thing in computing.
Starting Salary: Bank in USD90,000 annually
Check: Institutions Offering Computer Science 


The health care industry will always be in demand, with Nursing being one of the top professions. According to, Nursing is one of the best jobs for your future as this career benefits not just from the common cold - but also from the increasing aging population that needs to be attended to. No wonder this course has been raking up students wanted to take up Nursing. Pay attention in your anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, and microbiology classes to ace this course.
Starting Salary: Receive as much as USD59,000
Check: Institutions Offering Nursing


With the countless data to collect and analyse, monitor trends and develop forecasts, economists are definitely an in demand job. No wonder Economics is one of the hottest courses for 2016. Get ready to take classes in macro and microeconomics, not to mention business economics and economic theory. Classes in math and statistics are also fundamental, and some might also need to take foreign language classes on top of that.
Starting Salary: Entry level pay is at USD63,000
Check: Institutions Offering Economics

Civil Engineering

Are designing and developing infrastructure projects your thing? Then this course is something you should consider. Civil Engineers are responsible for huge scale developments such as transport systems, waterways and supply networks, as well as small-time projects like office buildings and apartments. As there is a constant demand for building things - it's no wonder that this course is still one of the most in demand degrees in college. If mathematics and science are your interests, then expect a lot of classes under these subjects.
Starting Salary: Starts at USD55,000 for entry level
Check: Institutions Offering Civil Engineering


Be the next Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Richard Feynman, and Isaac Newton. Taking up physics as a course will definitely stretch your brain cells in order to understand the world around you. Physics is a course that can take you in a wide range of fields, including communication and industrial technology. Brush up on classical and modern physics, as well as computational and nuclear physics.
Starting Salary: A whopping USD74, 000 can be your starting pay
Check: Institutions Offering Physics

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