House Work to Work Out: Chores to Help You Lose Weight

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Want to stay fit after the endless buffet raid during the Chinese New Year? Why don't you mix household chores with these exercise routines! Not only do you lose weight without spending money on a monthly gym membership, but you also get to keep your place clean!

 Here are some cleaning tasks to help you shed some pounds.

Sweeping the Floor

Burns 80 calories in 20 minutes

Target Areas: abs, arms

Keeping back straight, squeeze stomach and oblique muscles while sweeping. Sweep as far away as possible (good way to sweep more space in one go!) for five minutes, three times a day.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Burns 200 calories in 30 minutes

Target Area: arms, legs

This may not be the easiest and the most pleasant of all the chores, but cleaning the bathroom is a good way to work out the entire body. Squat while cleaning the toilet, keeping the body straight. Work your way through stubborn dirt and stains by brushing, scrubbing, and wiping while working out your arms.

Vacuuming the House

Burns 80-90 calories in 30 minutes

Target Areas: abs, buttocks muscles, arms

Working out your arms, legs – even your abdominal muscle and buttocks, vacuuming is an effective exercise-cum-house chore. The push and pull action is good for the arms. Meanwhile, try raising one leg while standing, keeping your balance, squeezing abdominal and buttocks muscles.

Wiping the Windows

Burns 125-150 calories in 30 minutes

Target Areas: arms and shoulders

Regardless of the size, cleaning a window is a good exercise for arms and legs. Leave the bucket a few steps away from you so every time you need to soap and rinse, you have to get up and walk, even reach. Wipe windows in a circular motion using alternate left and right for 30 minutes.

Washing the Car

Burns 143-150 calories in 30 minutes

Target Areas: core muscles, arms, legs

Using long sweeping motions, scrub the vehicle thoroughly to restore its pristine glory. Squat while cleaning tires and running board, and make sure to clean the hard to reach areas and surfaces by extending arms. A good and effective weekly activity to maintain the fit body and clean car.

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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