What is it Like Studying in Kazakhstan?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 30 Nov 2018
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If you ask a common person (a student) about their knowledge on Central Asia, most likely you will get a scratch on the head or a clueless face but if you mention Kazakhstan, they would probably say, “I have one classmate from there!”. At this section of Faces @ Easyuni, one of our Account Managers, Zhanar tells us more about her country and what is it like studying in Kazakhstan.

To get this started, perhaps you can tell us a little more about yourself and what you do in Easyuni?

Hi! I’m Zhanar, I’m from Kazakhstan. I joined the Easyuni team 6 months ago as an Account Manager.

In Astana with her colleagues having a friendly paintball competition.

You’re one of many from our team who’s a foreigner working here. Maybe you can let us know 3 cool things about that place (your country)?

First of all you are all welcome to visit my country because Kazakhstan is hosting a World Expo in 2017…please be our guests! One of the cool things would be actually a cool thing itself… Our winter! Even though it’s severe back home, I still think it’s cool as in “awesome” type of cool, the hospitality of Kazakh people is something I really can be proud of plus the fact our landscapes are pretty much all you need, you can find anything you want. Forests, mountains, lakes, steppes, deserts, canyons, etc. You name it!

So, which university did you go to and what did you study? How were you choosing your major at that time?

I did my bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages (English) at Kazakh-Russian University in Astana. I really loved the English language and its literature while I was in high school.

Jumping for Joy. Zhanar in a Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana

Tell us a little more about your university life? (living on-campus, or out of campus, what’s the living cost, what you do on your free time, what’s interesting about your university/ location?)

It has been 4 fun years where every day was new adventure for me, not only during my studies, but also while living in a bigger city, as I came from a small town in the Northern part of Kazakhstan! Big city, new opportunities and meeting new people! These were the years I’ve met some of my best buddies and also some people, who eventually played a crucial role at the start of my career!

Our campus was rather small and did not have any accommodation, so I stayed with my uncle and aunt for 4 years, which helped me to save up on my living cost significantly! I cannot really complain, it helped me a lot, financially.

What were the life lessons you’ve learned during your studies?

Whatever happens, happens for a reason! :) 


In a Charity Challenge organised by her company in Zerendy, Kazakhstan. 

What 3 advice would you give 17 years old self?

I guess the same things, I tell to my younger cousins. Don’t be scared! Be confident! and work hard…and please call your parents often! [Read more: What is it like studying in the Ukraine?]

What advice would you give students who are looking for a university?

Don’t hesitate…submit your enquiry to easyuni.com! *laughs*

What are you passionate about the most?

Sports! :) 

What factors influenced your decision to work in this company?

I thought it’s a great chance to experience the startup working culture, to try a new position and most importantly gain new skills. Moreover, I have plans to have my own business in the future and I thought this is a great chance to see and learn “how things are arranged in the kitchen”. 

Rowing the boat like BAWS and building some “oil rigs” while your at it.

Is your job here at Easyuni your first job? How did it happen that you joined Easyuni and how would you say is your time so far?

No, this is my 4th company! :) I did my Master’s Degree in Malaysia and while studying I thought it would be awesome if I have an international experience before I head back home. So, one day, a friend of mine called me up and said that there’s this company called easyuni.com and they are looking to hire someone on to their sales team. I was very intrigued and intimidated at the same time, as I did not have any experience in doing sales professionally (except the time when I was selling tickets for a charity event. *laughs*). So….at the end, I have submitted my resume to Easyuni, then after few rounds of interviews I got the job! *screams for joy*

So far, it has been a fantastic experience for me, as here we are given full opportunity to express our ideas and share our thoughts not only with teammates but also with our management. At the same time, I get to learn new things, gain new skills, meet and talk to so many different people every day! Another thing I enjoy is the accessibility of your management team, where you can approach your manager or your CEO without booking an appointment with him/her.

Since you started at Easyuni, what have you learned?

To be persistent, persevere and stay positive! :) 


Thank you for sharing with us! Kazakhstan sounds like a very wonderful place to visit. It is great to have the guts to travel and gain new experiences in life. -A

Posted on 09 Oct 2017