Love Don't Cost a Thing: Plan the perfect Valentine’s day for less

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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With Valentine's day fast approaching, here are some student-budget friendly tips to make that special day extra memorable. 

For the special someone:

Messages in bottle

  • Rolled-up your love messages and wishes put in a bottle is a very personal and thoughtful gift to your loved one. Texts can be about things you love about them or tasks you are willing to do for, such as massage, read a story, go on a movie date, etc. Put them in a beautiful coloured paper and place inside a clean, decorated bottle for more impact. 


Dine-in at home

  • A usual activity during the day of hearts, Valentine’s day dinner should not necessarily be expensive. Instead, you can decorate your living room with a romantic theme and prepare a home cooked dish and bake a cake, for your partner. 


Go for new adventures

  • For those who like to do something different, go somewhere both of you have never been before. You can go for hiking, jogging or fishing together and create a new memory to last a lifetime.


For the parents and family:

Framed notes and photos

  • Instead of only giving your parents and siblings notes which they might easily lose in the future, why don’t you frame them? Create a photo collage, put a special message, get creative and decorate it your way. This way, they’ll remember the effort, and it’s also an excellent addition to home decors. 


Special treats

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  • Give your family a day off and do some stuff for them! You can make vouchers of things you are willing to do on their behalf which they can ‘redeem’ anytime they want. Expiry date, not necessary! 


Treasure for everyone


  • Plan a scavenger hunt around the house and have everyone play the game. Make the ‘treasures’ meaningful by scattering around handwritten notes, sweets, mementoes, and more. At the end of the game, reward everyone with a nice dinner or another fun activity to cap off the fun day.  


For the friends:

Come Together

  • With all your single friends, no one will have a blue Valentine’s Day! Go for lunch or dinner and dress up or better yet, host a cooking party and everyone whip up their dishes to share with everyone. Why spend the day with one person with you can celebrate with four (or more!)


Get crafty

  • Gather all your friends and have a craft session with them. From friendship bracelets to rubber stamps, even candles and bath soaps, it will surely be a great time creating pieces all of you can enjoy doing and using afterwards.


A pleasant surprise

  • When all messages get sent instantaneously today, why not surprise your friends with personalised letters in the mailbox? Not only can you celebrate with friends in the same country you are in, but you can also make your pals overseas special. You can send letters or postcards which you can design yourself! 

With all these easy-on-the-pocket Valentine's day tips, we hope you enjoy this day with the special people in your life. 

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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