Michelle Chong on how to Score a 'Goal' in University

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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A successful university life is more than academics. It's school, extra-curricular activities, and in-between them, having fun, too. 

Fierce futsal player and former team captain Michelle Chong talked to EasyUni about her life as a Mass Communications student of Taylor's Lakeside University and dishes out how one student can do it all while still enjoying the journey called 'university life'. 

How did you decide on what course to study after your high school? 

Before I started Form 4, my parents and I, along with my twin sister Danielle, went around different universities to look at options for which college or university to enroll us both in after high school.

We were very fond of Mass Communication ever since we were in high school so as I found myself a very loud and outgoing person, so that is why we decided to stick with Mass Communication. 

What made you decide to go to your university? 

After re-evaluating all the colleges and universities, I narrowed down the universities and colleges that I personally thought had the best school of Communication.

I personally thought that Taylors Lakeside University fulfilled that and therefore I decided to enroll there. 


Share with us any memorable experience during your college life.  What makes it unforgettable?

I started picking up football/futsal more when I started going to uni. I have so many memorable experiences when it came but I think the most memorable was when a year ago, I finally made Captain of the girls futsal team, and I scored my very first goal in a tournament.

We were up against Sunway University and we had to win in order for us to go into the semi-finals, and I scored the only winning goal for that game. It was a truly unforgettable experience and one of my most favorite memory with my team because we trained so hard and I finally scored a goal in a tournament. 

What are the top three tips you will give to students who would like to study the same course as you?

  • My first tip would be, studies come first! Our parents are paying for our expensive education. Let's do our part and put our studies first! Always prioritise! 
  • My second tip would be, be helpful and approachable. It is always good to help your classmates in need because they are your neighbours. If you have a problem in class, you would want to seek advice from your classmates on assignments too.
  • My third tip would be, get lost, but do not lose yourself. That is personally, my life motto. Mass Communication is a fun course but not all courses are easy! You can have fun at the same time,yes, nothing wrong with that. But never lose yourself in anything that you do. That includes your studies!


What are the top five items you cannot live without during college?

  • My phone. 
  • My power bank 
  • My Notebook (for my notes) 
  • My make up bag
  • My earphones (just in case my class finishes early and I want to karaoke... by myself) 

Where do you see yourself in five years time? 

I plan on getting my real estate license so in 5 years time, hopefully, I would be a Real Estate Negotiator.

I also see myself playing more futsal or football. Keeping healthy and fit is one of my priorities and playing football and futsal allows me to do so.  

Cover photo from her Instagram account: instagram.com/chellechong/

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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