#NoComplaintsWeek: Practice Positive-Thinking in 7 Steps

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Locke Hughes, a senior editor from Greatist, enjoys exploring ways to help her reader (and herself) lead a happier life. She has a passion for lifestyle, mental health, relationships, fitness, food, etc. She has an overthinking issue and previously experienced anxiety during her college life. On 1 April, she took a month-long mission to stop complaining, and she found it had changed her life to a certain extent. Therefore, she and her team are extending the challenge to all their readers to give it a try: stop complaining for one week.


Thank you, Greatist, for coming up with the #NoComplaintsWeek challenge! This has indeed reminded us to be more mindful of our thoughts and train our brain in seeing the good side of things.

We might feel that casually complaining often is a good way to let go of our emotions. Unfortunately, merely complaining and not coming up with a solution to overcoming a problem is not going to help anyone. Moreover, when you are doing it too frequently, your family and friends will be exhausted from listening to your constant complaints- and you might not be all too eager in losing their willingness to listen to you. 

Here at EasyUni, we decided to give the daily tasks our own little twist:

Greatist's #NoComplaintsWeek with an EasyUni Twist

I'm ready to show more gratitude and be optimistic for at least a week. I look forward to saying this sentence from the bottom of my heart: "Everything is really great."



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Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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