Off Duty: When Heroes aren’t Heroes

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Lucius Fox is the CEO of Wayne Industries, but Wayne is the man who kept his parents’ company running smoothly. With multiple degrees on hand, Wayne was able to create a host of big companies, including Wayne Technologies, Wayne Healthcare, Wayne Aerospace, Wayne Pharmaceuticals, and even Wayne Foods. Not only helping his business, Wayne’s education level also allows him to utilise his knowledge and skills such as Computer Science and Physics in the invention and modification of his Batman’s gadgets and vehicles.

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To disguise his real identity as Superman, Clark Kent who graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism, applied for a job as a reporter for the Daily Planet. As a reporter, he’s always present at crime scenes to gather information for headlines and, of course to save the world!

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The Flash

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With great passion for chemistry from an early age, Allen became  a skillful farmer and won first place in the Fallville County Fair Agricultural Competition with a scholarship to Sun City University. Three years later, he graduated with a major in organic chemistry and a minor in criminology.

After graduating, Allen worked with the Central City Police Department as a police scientist, but unfortunately famous for his slowness and lateness. Working late in the lab one night, a rack of chemicals next to him was struck by lightning, and Allen was doused in chemicals. That’s when he realised that it was not the world that had slowed, he had sped up!

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Professor X 

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Professor Xavier, popularly known as Professor X , is a mentor, professor and the head of Xavier School for Gifted Youngster. As a PhD holder in Psychology and Anthropology, he is caring, compassionate and sympathetic to the needs of his students.Besides training his X- Men physically to enhance their self- defence, Professor X also uses his psychological knowledge and telepathy ability to empower his students to control their powers mentally.

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Iron Man

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Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist… This is what Stark used to describe himself. Being the successor of his father, Howard Stark, Tony Stark has a lot of resources and money to run a company of his own, Stark Industries. Being a Mechanical Engineering prodigy who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with honors at the age of 17, he can create technologically-advanced equipment for the betterment of the society and also modify his Ironman suit which makes him one of the dominant character in the Avengers.

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Peter Parker had financial issues after the family breadwinner, his Uncle Ben was murdered by a burglar. To document his game and send to newspaper, Parker snapped pictures of his own fighting scene using an automatic camera, and then sold the pictures to the Daily Bugle.  Even though some of his photos were not recognised by his boss, Peter secured a stable freelancer photographer job in the Daily Bugle because he is the only one who can get so close to Spiderman (duh, it was him!). Parker then continued his studies in Empire State University, and divided his time as a masked hero, a science student, and photographer.

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Murdock was blinded after he rescued a blind man from a car accident. A radioactive isotope spilled out from the van, striking Murdock across the face and he gained extraordinary senses to his surroundings after the accident. But did you know that this red-suit hero entered the Columbia Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor (doctorate of law)? Moreover, he also possesses the equivalent of a self-taught masters of applied sciences in Mechanical Engineering.

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She- Hulk

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Assassin, ninja, spy…? Jennifer Walters is just more than that, as she is one of the most competent criminal defense lawyers in the Superhuman Law division of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway law firm. Being the She- Hulk after a blood transfusion from her uncle, Bruce Banner (Hulk), she still has the same intelligence level as in her human form. Thus, she is capable in handling cases no ordinary lawyer could handle and also a champion for civil rights, the rights of the mentally ill, and the implementation of ethics in the courtroom.

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