Popular IT Courses - Which One Suits You?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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1. BSc (Hons) Information Technology specialising in Intelligent Systems

Ever wondered who controls the Lone Ranger AI you fight against in DOTA? These characters programmed to display human-like behaviour are created using the principles of intelligent systems. Not only that, intelligent systems encompasses information technology skills such as neural networks, expert systems and language processing.

Enrolled in this course, you would be given the technical knowledge required to understand and design intelligent systems. You will also have hands-on experience to manage an artificial intelligence project and, at the same time, apply other soft skills such as marketing and project management that are also taught by the programme. Indeed, this programme provides you with the technical skills as well as the relevant soft skills you would require to enhance your employability in the IT industry.

2. BA (Hons) Web Engineering

With more and more businesses going online, demand for web engineers is bound to grow exponentially. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are now opting to reach out to their target audience through digital media due to its lower cost and farther reach.

A degree in web engineering would expose you to different areas: user interface (generally known as UI), user experience (generally known as UX) , graphic design web architecture etc. In terms of marketing, you would be mainly taught how to analyze web data, how to understand search engine algorithms, how to develop cross-device compatible websites etc.

You would also require photography and videography skills to be able to engage the interest of a certain audience. This means that you have an added advantage if you prefer things around you to be aesthetically pleasing. Also, if you are someone creative and often have the urge to express your ideas, then this course is for you.

3. BSc (Hons) Mobile Technology

Looking for something fun and challenging to do? Refrain from using your smartphone while waiting for dinner to be ready. Why is this even a challenge? It’s because mobile devices have become such an integral part of our lives, they are now indispensable.

Human generally love to have control over what they do and they prefer to be given choices rather than instructions. A degree in mobile technology exposes you to human computer interaction, a field of study that helps you understand how to create an interface that allows for more autonomy from a mobile device user’s perspective, making your application more fun to use.

You would also need to understand, design and execute a mobile program. In this course, you would also be taught the fundamentals of wireless networking to support your online mobile app. Also, you would learn how to manage databases and present information in a structured manner, so as to be competent with information-providing apps.

4. Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) 

Similar to a business administration course, a degree in computer science covers a broad spectrum of computer-related knowledge that involves programming, computer architecture, and information assurance. Information assurance refers to the practise of managing the risks associated with storing, using and transferring information. Some universities might not cover just computer-related subjects. To ensure that their students can apply their knowledge in the business world and sustain competitive advantage, they may even include management and principles of economics in their syllabuses.

Involving a great deal of mathematics and logic, a degree in computer science is highly technical. As we constantly find better ways to score in our exams each day, computer scientists find better ways for us to use our computers – they solve our computing problems. If you think that you are naturally a strong problem-solver, then go for it!

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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