Careers 4.0: Skills of The Future

By Sharifah Sakinah | Last modified 06 Sep 2019
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With the current trend of automation on the rise, it is no surprise that the job industry is going through massive upheaval. We’re going towards an era where low and medium skilled work are no longer necessary.

Why you ask? ROBOTS - the miracle child of science and maths.

This being said, it is important to take a step back and reconsider your career options.

  • Is the career you want constant and repetitive in nature?
  • Does it require little to no amounts of creative thinking, emotional reasoning and intelligence?

If you answered yes to all these questions, we’re sorry to break this to you but you will most likely lose to a robot candidate.

How to beat the robots? Skills of the future

While robots seem like all able, superior beings of the future, this is simply not true! There are many things that robots can’t do (yet), these are the areas we mere mortals should capitalize on.

Here's what you need to beat the bots!

1. Compassion and empathy

These two traits are arguably what truly makes humans a distinct species. The ability to feel for others is far beyond what robots are capable of. It is just not something you can code into a program, its something you're born with. Jobs that require compassion such as doctors, therapists and guidance counsellors are probably not going going to face much of a threat.

2. Creativity

Robots are good at taking commands and producing direct output. What they can’t do is think creatively and freely. Creativity especially in strategizing, thinking and planning is very important. Without creativity we’d all have the same set of solutions to every problem. Harness all your creative potential and let it shine.

3.  Imagination

You know how every adult berates you over your day-dream sessions? Well now you can tell them it's all in good reason. Robots lack a sense of imagination and the ability to have dreams and visions. The overly logical way a robot works can only do so much. Everything we have today was once someone's imagination. Sometimes we’ve just got to dream a little!   

4. Technological management

Even robots breakdown and malfunction every now and then.The robots we have today are not able to fix themselves (yet) therefore they need us humans- their overlord and creator- to deal with their maintenance and upkeep. When everything is being automated you’ll need someone to actually keep it running.  

We hope that with these tips, you are able to curate a better career path for your future! 


Posted on 20 Mar 2019
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