So You Want To Become A Professional Gamer?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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In order to get the gig, you’re going to have to practice many, many, many hours and get really good at your game. Nowadays, it isn’t even enough to be a great player or practice hard. Everyone practices hard, likely harder than you. So, you will need to be willing to go the distance and do what it takes to train, train, train with top notch players who are the best in your chosen field.

You’ll need good reflexes, a good mind for strategy and problem solving, and the ability to multitask. There is no course to take to become a great gamer. Nobody will care if you went to college or not. Except your mother who will weep every day from her broken heart.

Pros and the Cons of being a Professional Gamer

5 Tips To Get You Started As A Pro-Gamer

  1. Absolutely Know The Jargon - Not necessarily the first thing to do but it is one of the more important ones, know that there is a lot of jargon involved in multiplayer games, and it’s not just limited to Internet speak. Game jargon varies, according to the games you play.
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice - Many competitive multiplayer games today let you practice against Artificial Intelligence or Bots. It may feel like a boring task but even the karate kid had slow "wax on, wax off" beginnings. This is a good place to start since you will be able to select a difficulty and practice on easier modes before moving on to harder ones. 
  3. Watch Pros In Action - Many pro-gamers allow the world to watch how they play live, made possible with live streaming on or Youtube videos. Watching professionals play lets you learn how the pros do it, how their complex teamwork and strategies work, watch their key twitch and split decision-making in action, and more tricks that will help make or your break your gameplay. 
  4. Find Ways To Prove Yourself - Try to participate in as many tournaments as possible. This is not a normal job and if you want to reach a pro gamers level you’ll have to be able to win some of these tournaments. Grind your way up the ladder and gain others respect.
  5. Search For Tips, Tricks & Tutorials - The internet is a great source to find out more in-depth things of just about any game. We’re talking about knowledge on the characters, their skills, their moves with weapons, their armory, the playing field and more. Once you learn what each character is capable of doing, you won’t get caught off guard so easily.

“If a lake is generated in a snow biome, it will freeze.” - Let’s Talk About Science in Minecraft

Minecraft is like a big bag of Legos where you never run out of pieces. You have to gather resources to craft shelter, tools, and armor to meet your basic needs and survive battles. But, the part that is most enjoyable is the fact that you can build anything you want, from Roman cathedrals, to roller coasters to imaginary jungle worlds. Think video games aren't educational? Think again!

  • BIOLOGY -You build a human body: block-shaped cells connected by arteries, Fantastic Voyage-style. If your friend is sick, you have to go inside his body to cure him by solving puzzles and fighting bacteria and viruses, while at the same time explore the different aspects of the human body.
  • CHEMISTRY - Polycraft World,” created by UT Dallas professors incorporates the properties of many materials — chemical elements and compounds — into the game. To thwart enemies using flamethrowers, you would have to learn much about plastics processing in order to refine the necessary components to build the device.
  • PHYSICS - I wish Minecraft had been around when I was in high school learning physics. Imagine playing games to explore projectile motion.  Firing an arrow at the mob? No! They are varying the initial angles and velocities to hit a target distance.
  • ENGINEERING - You can already mine materials such as redstone to craft diodes, switches and triggers to build electrical circuitry, from simple railway switching systems to fully working computer systems in the virtual world.
  • GEOLOGY - You can see how different biomes affect plant life. Cliffs, hills, mountains and ravines are generated by the game and are unique to each map. Beaches are generated next to oceans or lakes. If a lake is generated in a snow biome, it will freeze.


Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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