Stress Brings Positive Impacts on Individuals

By Samya | Last modified 17 Jan 2020
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The term “stress” brings so many negative thoughts to people. When we are discussing stress from a student’s perspective, it has a lot to take in.

In this modern era, students undergo not only stress from school but also daily life. We are always talking about the negative impacts of stress, thinking the only thing that stress brings is negativity. Little do we know; stress brings positive impacts towards specific individuals.

When is stress good and bad for you?

A positive impact of stress on students is producing the fight or flight response in our body system. Our body will produce and be flooded with chemicals when stress is present. An increase in blood pressure and heart rate would be the reactions to the situation.

Also, stress senses a sudden laser focus so that we can avoid dangerous situations. The other positive impact of stress on students is health issues. Stress can boost the immune system of a person.

With stress, the heart will be able to perform more efficiently in pumping blood and protect the body against any infection. 

A negative impact on students is that stress decreases the sleep quality of a person. When the student has too many thoughts going on their mind, the mind will be in the busy mode, and students will not get proper rest. Inadequate sleep will result in lousy concentration in class for students.

The other negative impact of stress is students tend to get angrier during a stressful period. Students who are stressed out are more likely to bully another person. A sudden anger outburst from a person can be due to the feelings of irritability from stress.  


It is said that people with a moderate level of stress take lesser time to heal compared to individuals who encounter a high level of tension. According to American Health College Association, 30% of students have bad academic performance due to stress.

Dr Sian Beilock indicates stress prevent students from achieving their educational goals. The American Institute of Stress has a saying that says, “stress can have wide-ranging effects on emotion, mood, and behaviour.”

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In conclusion, stress has huge impacts on everyone, especially in a student’s life. The stress can be used as an advantage for students to live a better life as both mental and physical states of a person can be related to stress. Students should learn how to deal with the stress they’re facing right and proper ways.

Posted on 28 Nov 2019
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