Study in New Zealand - An Unforgettable Adventure

By NJ | Last modified 07 Jan 2020
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A world-class education at the University of Auckland and an unforgettable adventure in New Zealand

This would also be the time for you to discover interests and hobbies in this new environment that you are in.  Studying abroad has its many perks and has been a dream for many. Not only will you get to broaden your horizon, you will also make some lifelong friends. Having to overcome the struggles of living away from home (and in a foreign country to add), truly creates bonds like no other.

Now we don’t know about you, but the best place for the ultimate student experience has got to be New Zealand. It is truly a one-stop-wonder for students looking to have the time of their lives.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read on to find out why New Zealand is the place to be.

1.Extreme sports extraordinaire

Extreme Sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill and the excitement of it all, New Zealand is where you should be. Queenstown is a city in New Zealand dedicated for all sorts of extreme sports. Calling it the adventure capital of the world is probably an understatement. From heliskiing to bungee jumping, Queenstown really has it all.

2. Out of the movies

Movie Set

The scenery in New Zealand is so unbelievable that you might find yourself wondering if you stepped into a movie. Fact is you might just have! Though this is not a well known fact, many famous movies were shot in New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Wolverine are some just to name a few.

3. Staying to work after study


This unknown fact is what becomes one of the biggest motivating factors for students considering to study in New Zealand. Upon completing your education there, you can apply for a visa to work in New Zealand for up to 3 years, if you have an acceptable qualification. Imagine that! A Post-study work visa lasts for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the level of your qualification and where you studied.

4. Exotic wildlife


If you’re someone who loves animals and enjoys activities such as wildlife spotting, book a flight to New Zealand ASAP!  New Zealand is home to many unique and rare animal species that are sadly going extinct very quick. From the Yellow-eyed penguin to the Maui dolphins, these are animals you could only find in the kiwi land.

5. Beach-bum central


 It is no shocker that New Zealand has many beaches as it is surrounded by water. Its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches are only two of all its many allures. Having over 600 monitored waterfronts all over the country, you could visit a different one everyday and still have hundreds of unexplored beaches and lakes.

6. Taumatawha- who?


This town has the LONGEST name in all the world. It was named after an incident involving a ‘land-eater’ serenading his loved one. Much like this, New Zealand seamlessly knits its folklore and history into it’s modern life. New Zealand is one of the few countries that still holds onto its cultural heritage with pride. Studying here will allow you to dive in and experience tribal cultures that have been around for hundreds of years.

7. Strong Malaysian expat community


Picture credit : World of Buzz

The New Zealand Malaysian Society is quite active and organises events for the Malaysian community there. They are reachable by multiple platforms such as blogs and facebook. From celebrating malaysian festivities to organizing picnics and outings, this community will make you feel like you’re right at home.

8. University of Auckland (UOA)

Study in Auckland

On top of everything else New Zealand is also home to one of the world’s best universities! Ranked at 85 on the QS World Universities Ranking (2019), it is the best university in all of New Zealand. With over 100,000 enrolments every year, University of Auckland is the most popular choice for students in New Zealand and those who wish to go there. Apply here now.


Why University of Auckland?

UOA seems to be in a completely different ball game than its counterparts in New Zealand. Being the biggest and the best in the country, UOA has the potential to be ranked in the top tiers of universities internationally. Its excellence in academics and research is truly outstanding.

While the campus itself resembles an old Victorian castle, what’s more astounding is it’s state of the art facilities. Anything a student could possibly need can be found on campus. From counseling centers, recreational courts and in-house clinics, a students every needs are taken care of.

University of Auckland is made up of a few campuses, spread across different locations in New Zealand. The campus where students will study in depends on their area of study.

Learn more about the University of Auckland here.

Campus Overview

One of its most notable achievements in its research is in making a breakthrough drug for a rare neurological disorder. This drug is well on its way to getting the approval from the FDA, which will make it the first approved kiwi drug.  

Another noteworthy point is that at UOA, more than half of the undergraduate lecturers are academics and professors.

This would mean that you get to experience brilliant minds teaching in your first year. There is probably nothing greater than getting to pick at some of the world’s greatest minds.

Besides that another attractive point is that UOA provides a long list of scholarships that are made available to students of various backgrounds.  Whether you’re an athlete or a high performing student, UOA is committed in supporting their students. Not just financially, but through guidance and providing facilities to accommodate them as well.  

Now that we’ve all but convinced you to pursue your studies in the University of Auckland, what does it take to become a student there? Get a free consultation from UOA's counselor in Malaysia!

Entry requirements to the University of Auckland

*May vary according to schools and course of study

** with a band 6 in IELTS

Qualifications *

Minimum Score**


Pass with a minimum of 3 principles


Score of 13


Overall score of 14


Completed 3 A-level studies with grade ‘c’

Recognized foundation/diploma


University of Auckland's 13 subjects placed in the world’s top 50 are:

Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019

  • Archaeology (#23 in the world)
  • Education (#26 in the world)
  • Geography (#28 in the world)
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacology (#30 in the world)
  • Nursing (#36 in the world)
  • Engineering - Civil & Structural (#37 in the world)
  • English Language and Literature (#38 in the world)
  • Philosophy (#41 in the world)
  • Sports-related subjects (#41 in the world)
  • Law (#44 in the world)
  • Linguistics (#46 in the world)
  • Anthropology (#49 in the world)
  • Psychology (#50 in the world)


Get a world-class education at the University of Auckland and an unforgettable adventure in New Zealand. Apply here now.


Posted on 26 Feb 2019
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