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By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Treating expenses as experiences! This app is free on iOS and Android.

Wally (in iOS, Wally+ in Android) allows you to find out where your money goes by answering: Where? When? What? Why? And how much?

Besides presenting these answeres in colourful visuals, what's more? This simple app also lets you plan your budget and review monthly expenditure, so you know which expenses to cut back.



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Need an easy and fun app to save money? This app is free on iOS, Android and also Windows.

Yes! Together with the Toshl Monsters, lets go beyond (boring!) spreadsheets and graphs.

This funky app also injects character, while keeping track of your personal finances, bills and expenses using tags.

Toshl perfectly syncs in all platforms. So, worry not if you are using multiple smartphones!


Mint Bills

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Mint Bills reminds you of payments due date makes, so that you stay on top of your bills and money.

Register! And you will never gonna miss a bill as this app also pays them as scheduled (transaction fees apply).

By linking your bank accounts and credit cards, this money app can show exactly where your money goes to each month.



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Going for meals with friends? Dividing expenses with housemates?

Just enter the amount paid and Splitwise will divide it among yourselves and ensures that everyone pays – down to the last cent.

This app also notifies you to make sure payments are settled and to keep IOUs in view.

Windows users can opt to use FairSplit, Splittr, or Split It, as this is only currently for iOS and Android users.



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Wanna keep track on your budget? Try not to be overspending in grocery shopping by using this free app for iOS and Android users.

Bring! is a shopping list app that simplifies to-buy list.

Go through each category of items, select and click the icon of whatever you need.

It is so convenient as you can share the list with your housemates so they too can edit (just remember to Splitwise the bill after!).

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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