When it comes to choosing a university or college... does a mum know best?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Back in the day when I was a child, my parents play a very crucial role in influencing my decisions and without the internet we had no access to the kind of information kids do these days. But the good thing was, everything is simple and straight forward. I guess when we only have a few to choose from, it was easier to choose plus back them we were brought up agree with our parents even though we didn’t, that our parents know best and that they have our best interest at heart. But now with hundreds and hundreds of courses from various institutions, colleges and universities to choose from and telling my child what to do and where to go is no longer the way to effective parenting. These days, they have more bolder in expressing themselves and this also means making certain life decisions on their own with hope that they get our blessings.

Since my Julie finished her SPM, we are on a mission to find her a suitable programme (as she had no idea what she wanted to do), the best college and country to give her the best learning experience. I used to think the best way to discover all this is through visiting education fairs, so we decided to make a trip to a few fairs to explore her options. Despite coming out overwhelmed with so much information, we were glad we went anyway because that was how we discovered easyuni.com.

easyuni.com is an online portal that offers platform for college and university applications for over 30,000 courses and programmes from more than 300 colleges and universities across more than 20 countries.

Wow! Impressed yet? It certainly dropped my jaw and captured my attention. However, one would think how you’d actually choose from so many choices? Simple, since Julie had no idea what to pursue, she took the online psychometric test in the easyuni.com site to help her determine what kind of courses she should embark in. The test that is developed by credible experts assessed her personality and interests.

Upon obtaining the results, Julie then used the results to narrow the search for the best college or universities in the website’s search engine and database. In a few seconds, all that she needed to know flashed out, including the cost of the courses in various colleges and universities from over 20 countries, which is more of my major concern. Amazing! Imagine how many education fairs and counselling sessions we’d had to sit through plus the amount of time we would have spent doing all that if we hadn’t discovered easyuni.com. This website is every parents dream come true! Not only could I can sit down and go through the website with Julie, but we did it in the comfort of our living room and best of all, when we submitted her applications, I did not have to pay a single cent!

How I wish I had a portal like easyuni.com back then. Even an IT-blurr like me was able to navigate the easyuni.com website and not get confused. It is definitely a one-stop centre for clueless parents like me. But what puts my heart to ease is that, my Julie’s journey into the new chapter of her life started with such ease.

Actually after going through the portal with my Julie, it triggered an interest to possibly explore furthering my education too. I also took the personality test just to see whether it really helps and was pleased to discover that I made the right choice with my career, thanks to my mum (looks like parents do know best!). Besides, learning is a never ending process, why stop if you have a chance to pursue further.

I must say that throughout this whole process, I really, really love the part that both Julie and I did this in the comfort of our living room and to me, that’s PRICELESS!

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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