Why is IUBH University of Applied Sciences the way to go for 2021?

By Tahiya Islam | Last modified 22 Feb 2021
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Whenever we think of online academic courses or programs, we often have reservations about the authenticity of the programs. But in recent times, when the world is going through a major shift due to the pandemic, technology, and the internet have made everything a lot easier for all of us! At IUBH University of Applied Sciences, you can decide every three months, if you wish to study online or on-campus in Germany. Plus, currently, they offer 80% scholarships for eligible students. Find out more here!

IUBH University of Applied Sciences provides quality programmes for Bachelor, Master's, and MBA degrees with a whole new approach. They have established campuses for students who want to complete their studies on site but also offer full programmes online for distance learning. The most recent development in their story: Eligible students can combine both online and on-campus studies and switch between the two. In this way, they enable you to develop on a personal and professional level and help advance your careers through future-oriented, flexible studies. Online or on-campus – your degree stays the same!

The programs are designed to offer flexibility to the students to balance educational learning and career progression while still being able to take advantage of the courses that are offered. Let's find out how IUBH online programs can help you with your career progression and why you should apply:

1. Flexible Study Hours: If you are a young busy professional, the IUBH online program will be the choice for you! Online programs have flexible schedules - you decide the time to study, to complete assignments and other materials. You can study anytime, anywhere, and have access to study materials when you need them.

2. Innovative Study Design: You will enjoy the innovative and creative approaches while studying online without missing the high-quality approach of the programs through podcasts, audiobooks, books, etc. If you have 20 pages to read for a particular subject, you can also listen to a podcast on the summary and be acquainted with the topic.

3. Cheaper Tuition Fee: IUBH Online is mostly popular among students worldwide for its affordable tuition fees in comparison to other available online programs. You can check their tuition fees here

4. Counselling and Services: For online programs, students will receive counseling for their professional grooming through innovative learning materials. They will be able to enjoy the combination of specialist expertise whenever needed. The students' advisory team is there for you at each and every step. Get in contact with them today!

5. Accessibility to diverse learning materials: If you start an online degree with IUBH, you will have access to all the study materials that you need for your academic and professional development in your field. You will have access to industry experts who are integrated into the programs as well as enjoy learning in a practice-oriented manner. Most importantly, you can also actively take part in the development of the curriculum, teaching materials, and services.

6. Career opportunities: Getting a German degree from IUBH online program will give you a fair chance to find job opportunities worldwide. Also, any active involvement with the industry experts and hands-on learning during the program will help you in strengthening your job application. 

7. Internal Development: At IUBH, students will be able to be more focused and disciplined in managing life goals, be it for personal or professional growth. The program will help students to improve their time management, setting goals and priorities, as well as developing the right mindset to be a professional individual.

8. Ensuring Credibility: IUBH online programs are well-organized and maintain a first-class curriculum. IUBH University of Applied Sciences has received awards, official accreditations, and certifications from industry partners, and institutions where they uphold and ensure the credibility of the university. Accredited and recognized worldwide!

As we are all aware, the world is accepting this “new normal”. We should be preparing ourselves to be a part of the new normal as well. If that starts with pursuing a bachelor's or master’s degree online from IUBH, then why not? They have courses on various business and science fields for which you can easily apply for and pursue - without the hassle of applying for a visa, accommodation, and traveling. Also, if you wish to study on campus, later on, you can join their campus in Germany anytime!

Find out more on IUBH University of Applied Sciences here!

Posted on 08 Dec 2020
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