Why Study at IU?

By Tahiya Islam | Last modified 20 Apr 2021
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IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), formerly known as IUBH, has more than 70,000 students from all over the world, and has provided education for more than 20 years. IU has students from Europe, Africa, India, and more. IU has provided students with a digital and flexible approach to learning through globally recognised degrees and great career opportunities. It has made the university “international” in the truest sense, making the new brand identity a great fit.   

IU gives students who want to study abroad in Germany or online from their home countries access to an incredible learning environment.  This helps students grow personally and professionally through equal access to education and a large community of networks. These are just some of the promising reasons to study at IU! 

Equal Study Opportunities for all

IU believes in making education accessible and available to all. Therefore, they focus on maintaining a study environment that caters to international students, whether on campus or online. IU takes pride in its large and ever-growing international network of students.   

Digital and Flexible Programmes

If you decide to study at IU online, you can take your courses from any device with a wide range of digital tools, learning materials, and a large online library. IU focuses on being innovative with resources to provide students with the best possible learning experience. There are various forums, video chats, and social groups available for students to socialise with each other and speak to professors and lecturers when they need. You can also choose full-time or part-time study options for online studies to work around your other commitments. 

IU provides students with a diverse range of experiences by enabling students to study at one of their international campuses. You can choose to study fully on campus, or study there for one or two semesters depending on your chosen programme—an opportunity that makes IU stand out.  

Quality and Practical approach to Education

As an IU student, you will have access to a huge international network of students, alumni, and advisors who offer a great deal of additional practical knowledge of academic and professional life.  IU’s 6000 partners also make it easy for students to find out about job openings and career opportunities. The university has a strong focus on career-based course material which helps student to gain practical knowledge during their studies. 

IU has earned various awards and rankings. QS Star Ratings awarded IU online programmes top marks for its career focused content. The university ensures that lecturers have at least five years of industry experience so that students are provided with relevant and insightful information.  

Popular Study Programmes

There is a huge range of academic programmes on offer to international students of IU. Its most popular programmes range from Business and Management, Marketing and Communication, Computer and Data Science, and it has many more to choose from.  

Competitive Scholarship Opportunities

As IU strives to make education accessible to all. For campus students, they provide scholarships to applicants who have a record of high academic achievement are female leaders in technical fields, or people who contribute greatly to society. Competitive scholarships for online students are also available which can help you save up to 80% of tuition fees depending on your individual situation. It is a great opportunity for international students who wish to experience an international learning environment and gain a German accredited degree. 

If you want to know more about what IU offers, check out this page!

Posted on 20 Apr 2021
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