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GIST International College

Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

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Anonymous reviewer

2 years, 1 month ago


Very bad. The teacher person name Marcus makes all foreigner student leaving the college. He makes a lot of student fail. He doesn't love student and doesn't improve them. He just keep asking them to leave the class and annoy by student touch phone and computer. He got annoy by almost anything. He forget all he has to do is teaching and make everyone excited. Now I'm sure there are only 3 foreigner left in his class, and probably some class no one left. the rest is the local people.


U need to stop making student fail, unless u Will got a Bad Karma. Remember attendance doesn't mean everything if they can pass. They still need to learn more outside And u put every score 0 for attendance U don't know what they reach outside your fucking borring class U make them lost a lot of money to fail, I lost more than 1 Million and 5 years only to fail, may u get what u deserve Marcus and school All of us, me and my fellas friends just being left out in the world because of that Marcus and this school that doesn't care about what happened to students fail in school.

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