MSc - Nutrition and Food Science

University of Kiel
Master's Degree
Study mode
2 years
April October
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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Precondition for access to the master's program is a Bachelor's degree in dietetics or proof of equivalent coursework and examination in a related subject, both with a minimum grade of "good" (2.5).

For enrollment must be evidenced by a certificate stating that the conditions are met for receiving a master's degree program in accordance with examination regulations and study skills Statute.


The modular examination will determine whether the student has achieved the learning outcomes of a module. The module examinations take place during studies and may consist of one or more examinations. The type and number of examinations to be services are governed by the examination regulations.

The Master examination is passed if all module examinations required by the exam regulations and the work passed and thus the required number of credits earned.

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