BA (Hons) Humanities

Carlow College
Carlow, Ireland
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
Total tuition fee (local)
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Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 33,151

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant recognised qualifications.


English Component
English literature is a key component of the BA in Humanities. From the genius of Shakespeare to the dark imagination of Emily Bronte, students of English at Carlow College embark on an adventure through some of the greatest works of literature ever written. The English course explores writing from the medieval period right through to the modern world and will bring you on a journey from urban Ireland all the way to the islands of the Caribbean. English modules include ‘Modern Irish Writing’, ‘Romanticism’, ‘Gothic Fiction’, ‘Modern Drama’, ‘The Victorians’, ‘Existentialist Literature’ and ‘World Literatures’

History Component
History is the documenting of the human experience and is fundamental to the humanities. Our modules offer students the opportunity to explore ancient, medieval, early modern and modern history through a range of exciting survey and specialist courses. There are opportunities for in-depth study in comparative history, women’s history, local history and twentieth-century history. Modules include ‘Medieval Ireland 1100-1500’, ‘Women in Reformation Europe’, ‘Transatlantic Revolutions’, ‘Ireland 1891-1923’ and ‘Nazi Germany, World War II and the European Jews’.

Philosophy Component
Philosophy is one of the most important subjects of the Humanities. Philosophy is the 'why?' question: If you have ever wondered why the world works the way it does then Philosophy is for you. From the large questions about the meaning of existence to wondering how we arrive at our ideas of right and wrong, philosophy studies the history of how humans have thought about issues like these through the ages. So, from our relationship with Animals to our ideas of how politics works, from the role of women in western thought to our ideas of what religion means, Philosophy will satisfy your curiosity! 

Theology Component
Theology can be defined as ‘reasonable discourse concerning God’. Central to the humanities is the question of the human relationship to the divine. Perhaps there has never been a more important time to understand how and why people are motivated to behave in the name of a higher being. Students of Theology learn how to debate and contextualise different standpoints without offending others; and are sensitive to how time and translation can alter the meaning of texts.

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