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Carlow College

Carlow, Ireland

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Anonymous reviewer

3 years, 7 months ago
" The campus and administration at Carlow is what every first year student would want to experience. The community is welcoming and the classrooms aren't hard to find. The professors are always looking to help a student succeed. If a student is looking into a college that has a small community but has the city experience, Carlow University is where that student should apply. Carlow University has a new education system they follow which is called the COMPASS. The COMPASS lets the student take courses outside of their major and the reason Carlow does this is to help their students be more well rounded when it comes to the real world. I am currently going to be enrolled into the nursing program and I am still taking courses related to my major but I am also taking a writing and theology course which has made me more aware of the opportunities I have here at Carlow University. "

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