Diploma in Applied Business Management

College of Computing Technology (CCT)
Dublin, Ireland
Study mode
11 weeks
February September
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 1,340
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 1,340

About this course


Entry Requirements



Management Theory

  • The evolution of management theory and the main theories of management;
  • The main functions of management and management’s role in controlling and measuring success.

The Structure of Business Enterprises

  • Sole Trader, Partnership and Limited Companies;
  • Government Agencies, Non-profit organisations.

Business Environment

  • The nature of the business environment within which all business operates;
  • Business environmental analysis for the purpose of future planning.

Functions of Business

  • Production function;
  • Marketing function;
  • Human Resources function.

Organisational Structures

  • The organisational hierarchy;
  • Simple, Functional, Geographic/Product based structures;
  • Organisational development.


  • The nature of entrepreneurship and its importance to business management.

Applied Management

  • Based on the knowledge gained in the above sections utilising a range of problem solving techniques and/or tools of business analysis to solve workplace problems and/or identification of future courses of action.

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