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Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK)

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

6 years, 10 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? The academic life at the UNIRAZAK is good and always fun because the lecturers here are very supporting. But, even though the lecturers are supporting, the technique that they used to teach the students is very effective because it is easy to understand. Plus, the lecturers always asked the students if the chapters that they taught are clear and understandable to students, and if it's not understandable, the lecturers will teach and guide the students until he/she understood :) What are the students like? The students in this University is very friendly and kindhearted. We never really care where the other students came from and what the statuses are, also Unirazakians help each others out. The students always smile and likes to be befriended among each other :) What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. Most of the students got their life social and sports. We always busy doing sports over the weekend and weekdays after classes. When we are not doing sports,we got together at some place to gather or in the other words ''lepak'' and talk with friends about studies,this and that. Also every weekend, there are always fun event to join and most UNIRAZAK's students participate in every event. So, basically students life on this University is always busy with fun things. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? I really love this University because, from the UNIRAZAK's staffs,to lecturers and students,they are all friendly and always trying to help we the students and they always asked us if they can help us with anything. To people who are still searching a University to study, you should consider studying here because it is fun! :) Always got an event to join and do!!

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