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Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK)

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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10 years, 9 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? I joined UNIRAZAK under the program of Mater of Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship in 2009. Generally speaking, the study of course would not be tough if we really make effort to learn and abide by the guidance of our professors. The professors have been very patient and helpful for us to explore for more and acquire more. I got a background of BA in English before joining UNIRAZAK and thought it might be tough to get into those business and management related course. But it turned out be a big surprise for me. Our professors delivered their lectures in great details, inspire and motivate us to ask questions, participate into groups discussions and presentations of various kinds, which is the best part that I like. The professors care more about students' effort and mostly give marks based mostly on routine performance and final papers as well, which would be taking up about 50/50 (or 40/60) for each portion. The marking is strict . But if you really have made sufficient effort on that subject from the very beginning , the profs would be lenient in marking accordingly. It's great that our profs mostly know our names .If we have questions and are in need of help, our professors are available for meetings outside of class. For our class fellows, there surely is competition going on, but we are more into cooperation, because we've got quite a few group discussions and assignment to accomplish. What are the students like? The student population in UNIRAZAK is not big , because the idea of UNIRAZAK being a boutique university is to focus on the quality of students rather than only on the quantity. Among students in UNIRAZAK, there is a big portion of international students. We've got students from Libya, Iran and the other Arabic countries, France, China, Vietnam , India, Indonesia and some other countries. There is a requirement of dressing code , more into practical kind. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. There are some students clubs like URSA ( United TARSOG students Associations) which helps carry out the activities like community project, outdoor activities, and some other voluntary work so as to enhance students overall capability and their social network as well. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? On the Program The program I was in was a two-year MBA program specializing in Entrepreneurship. The program is designed in such a unique way that it has equipped us with a comprehensive understanding and skills an entrepreneur needs to accomplish his or her vision and ambition. Thanks to this program, upon the completion of the study, I have gained a better understanding on the basic skills and knowledge a business man needs to know on how to start up and sustain the business in the competitive market. The study on this program has not only helped me prolong my learning curve, but more importantly, it has inspired and motivated me to be confident and down-to-earth enough to achieve my goal and fulfill my ambition. To sum up , It helps to shape my entrepreneurial mind-set and thinking and strengthens my understanding on the importance of communication and cooperation among co-workers. What's more, the study in UNIRAZAK also helps me to understand the important role played by a positive attitude towards life and work, dedication and hard-work. On the University Personally speaking, the advantages to study in UNIRAZAK are listed as followed. a. Easier access to advanced facilities and equipments on campus; b. This campus is not crowded and there would be a good environment for study and research; c. The city campus is equipped with dedicated staff providing quality and timely service; d. Equipped with experienced and well-qualified professors with expertise in their own individual fields. Tell us about your overall experience in studying in this country It’s been quite an amazing experience to study in Malaysia, a multicultural melting pot and variety and diversity. I believe I am a people person and pretty interested in people in this country. People here attract me most because of their friendliness and sincerity. They are very easy make friends with and get along, which has made me felt at home. For example, I am having an aunty as my house-mate. She’s been taking care of me like a family. I LOVE her a lot like my mom. Besides, I’ve got some pretty close friends around me and we’ve shared a lot, which really makes me feel at home and be a better person. I love Malaysian food and in here we can easily try various kinds of food from different countries, and all of them can be original and authentic, for instance, Pakistani, Chinese, Malay food, etc. The delicious and comfortable food will keep you from missing home that much in this foreign land. To live in Malaysia, Safety would not be something to worry about if the we behave ourselves and be equipped with proper amount of safety awareness and knowledge. Geographically speaking, there are not catastrophic natural disasters in Malaysia.

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