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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

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Anonymous reviewer

4 years, 5 months ago
I like studying at HU. It's a well organized university with very nice and social students. Also, the facilities are good. I am studying in a business and university environment. This always motivates me, even when I'm actually too lazy to study. Also, the uni is easy to reach (10-20 min.) from Utrecht Central Station by public transport, bicycle, car, scooter. The resits occur in the following exams period. It may occur you get double-planned for a resit and a regular exam. You counter this by filling up a form to solve the issue and get rescheduled for one of the two exams. The teachers are very supportive and critical towards exams, They do everything to get their class a good grade. They will help you during class but also via email.

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