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Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • 95 QS World University Rankings 2018
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About Lomonosov Moscow State University

More than 40 000 students (graduate and postgraduate) and about 7 000 undergraduates study at the university, and over 5 000 specialists do the refresher course here. More than 6 000 professors and lecturers, and about 5 000 researchers work for the faculties and research institutes.

Every year Moscow University enrolls about 4 000 international students and postgraduates from all over the world.

Moscow University campus is an extremely complex system, with its 1 000 000 m2 floor area in 1 000 buildings and structures, with its 8 dormitories housing over 12 000 students and 300 km of utility lines.

MSU library system is one of the largest in Russia, with its 9,000,000 books, 2,000,000 of them in foreign languages, and the average number of readers 55,000, using 5,500,000 books a year.

Campus information

As training highly qualified specialists has always been the main goal, the faculties and departments constantly revise their curricula and introduce new programs. A number of faculties offer 4-year Bachelor’s and 2-year Master’s Degree programs, together with traditional 5-year Specialist Degree programs. Currently the stress is on student's ability to work independently and meet employer's requirements, thus practical experience in the field being of foremost importance. More classes in the Liberal Arts have been recently included in the curricula for science students, lecturers in Arts and Social Sciences giving classes on the history and culture of Russia and other countries, philology, economics, law and art for students of different faculties. The University offers individual programs combining programs and classes at different faculties.

Keeping fit is often essential for satisfactory academic achievement, thus in their first two years undergraduates have two obligatory physical training sessions a week, later they may join one of sports clubs.

The curricula of all MSU faculties are based on the combination of academic instruction with student's research work and the combination of thorough theoretical knowledge with specific skills. Having acquired theoretical knowledge in the first and the second year, in their third year undergraduates choose an area to specialize in. At the same time they choose a field for their independent study, joining elective special seminars; the results of research are usually presented at the meetings of students' scientific societies or at scientific conferences, the most interesting results are published.

Normally, a degree program at MSU takes from 4 to 6 years to complete. At the end of the final semester the results of each student's independent research are submitted in the form of final paper, which is publicly presented by the student at the meeting of the department.

The students in most MSU programs do not pay their tuition but 15% of students whose tuition is not covered by the government funding have to pay fees. Students whose academic performance is up to the standard receive grants. Accommodation in MSU dormitories is provided for those students who are not residents of Moscow.

According to the MSU Charter, The MSU Student Board is a form of student government, coordinating various aspects of campus life and activities. At the moment there are a number of various students’ public organizations at MSU.

MSU graduates work in institutes of higher learning, research institutes, in industry, governmental agencies, public organizations and private companies.

MSU has a long-standing tradition as a centre of retraining admitting up to 5,000 various specialists a year, highly-qualified professionals updating themselves on the latest achievements in various fields of science and humanities.

Located in Moscow, Russia


Lomonosov MU BS provides accomodation for international students in a dormitory, situated in MSU Main Building (5 minutes walk from the School):
a single room in a two rooms block (the number of places in the dormitory is limited).

Dormitory room rental (in Russian Rubles) is about RUR 12 000 per month for exchange students incoming for one semester (the rental is a subject to change).


Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 1 Applied, Pure Sciences 5 Creative Arts & Design 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 1 Mass Communication & Media 2


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