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Almaarefa University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Anonymous reviewer

1 year, 11 months ago


AlMaarefa University, Dir'ea Riyadh, set up in 2009 belongs to the new generation of private higher educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. It is distinct among its peers as it vigorously pursues the well-known tripod goals of modern universities namely- excellence in teaching, formidable in research and outstanding in community service. Universities in general are regarded as the bastion of churning out cutting-edge research and shaping new people through excellent teaching. The desire to transform Arab Gulf States universities along conventional global pattern has become imperative given the velocity of changes that rapidly occurs in the system. As an acquaintance who mingles with the students and alumni of the university, I am impressed with the depth of knowledge being imparted on the students. I am prompted also to take a look at the course content of various programs of AlMaarefa University. One is marveled with the richness and comprehensiveness of their programs that straddled between medical sciences and digital technology As Covid-19 rages around the world, universities in the Gulf have to demonstrate their resourcefulness by finding solution to the dreaded virus. Finding the vaccines to contain it in the long-term typifies what problem –solving is all about. In fact, the scourge is threatening the very existence of the universities as most universities have been shut indefinitely. However, some universities, Al Maarefa University inclusive, have demonstrated their resilience by mounting virtual classes to guarantee continuity. As an observer, I have noted that the university tends to cultivate both the skill and positive mindsets of students which could enable them embark on any utility-laden enterprise and could also pave way for transiting into the Fourth industrial revolution. Needless to point out here that we are in the cusp of 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) Universities should take into cognizance that in the upcoming revolution, talent would supplant capital as the main pillar of production.


AlMaarefa University should strive to instill vast talent and creativity among its teeming students. To measure up to the expectation, the university should be seen to be proactive in shaping this seemingly spectacular and disruptive revolution given the fact that artificial intelligence and robotics would gain ascendancy

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