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National University of Singapore (NUS)

Aligarh, Singapore

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

6 years, 3 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? Academic life in NUS can be one of the most intense in Asia. As one of the Top 10 University in the world, NUS aims to maintain their academic quality by giving the best possible quality of education to its' students. In addition, NUS also always try to renew its' researches, regardless on the faculty and study programs. All of this, of course, are not easy to obtain, as future students of NUS should pass the competitively-selected written exam before they are accepted as NUS' students. Normally, future students of NUS tend to choose relatively difficult subjects, such as Engineering. However, it is also possible that there are future students who are interested in taking a more socially-inclined programs. For programs related to social sciences and humanity, NUS has many projects that partner with several different countries such as those in Southeast Asia. Just for a quick information, NUS' lecture can be done in English or Mandarin Chinese. NUS also provides several professional and executive education courses, aimed mainly to employees worldwide. What are the students like? My fellow friends in NUS are both incredibly smart and perfectionist at the same time. I think this is normal, since NUS has a really competitive atmosphere. When future students get accepted in NUS, it doesn't simply mean that they can be happy because of their immediate success in eliminating another potential candidates in the previous written exam. Rather, entering the campus and starting to learn in NUS are both first stepping stones to the real competition. Each NUS students aim to done their best to reach the peak of success in many ways, for example: Participating in various competitions, scientific conference, or world-class paper presentations. Since NUS' tuition fee are extremely high, most students (especially international students and also those who study Masters as well) are funded with scholarship(s) that come either from their local or Singaporean government. One of my junior in Senior High School is one of those students who receive fully-funded scholarship to study in NUS. He is amazingly smart; he has been in the Top 1% for three years, not to forget that he also got many talents and organizational experiences. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. One of my Junior High friends who has currently graduated from NUS is one of the extracurricular members in Tae Kwon Do. If I see her photos in FB, I can feel the friendly atmosphere in her Tae Kwon Do extracurricular, and this is evident by their seemingly strong-bonding and expressive faces in the photo. Thus, this activity is not only emphasising on the Tae Kwon Do's practice itself, rather, it also build a strong solidarity among its' members and trainers. In their Photographic activities, NUS made the Markedshot application that enable photographers in all over the world to sell their photo stocks. Although I am not one of NUS' student, I installed Markedshot application (in Google Play), so, I know how it works. This application works by getting registered first, then photographers can request for their photoshot to be published after they have completed the registration step. Wait for 1-2 work days so that Team NUS can review the submitted photo. If the photos are approved, those are immediately put on sell and all revenues will immediately transferred to each photographers' balance. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? The academic quality and the out-campus activities made it unsurprising for NUS to continuously maintain its' Top 3 position in Asia for the recent 2-3 years. NUS has decent research facilities, complete choice of study programs and executive educations, and out-campus activities that can be freely chosen by the students. This also means NUS nearly has anything to offer. Only, entering NUS is not as easy as flipping one's palm. Don't ever think to enroll in NUS if you don't have enough academic credibility, because the academic environments are very competitive inside.

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