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Han University of Traditional Medicine

United States
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About Han University of Traditional Medicine

Han University of Traditional Medicine (formerly the Asian Insitute of Medical Studies) was founded at the turn of the 21st century. The founding individuals and the Board of Directors consist of forward thinking educators, socially progressive visionaries, acupuncturists and Oriental medical practitioners, and community leaders. We share a common vision of bringing quality education and the enlivening healing arts of Asian medicine to the people of the Southwest. It is a wonderful opportunity as well as a huge responsibility. Training individuals to access their inherent healing potential is no small task.

How do you choose a college to learn these skills? There are many fine schools of traditional Chinese medicine in the United States and abroad. You can receive a good education at any number of them because each school has specific gifts and strengths. But how do you choose? Which one is the correct one for your style and interests? The answer lies in resonance.

What distinguishes Han University of Traditional Medicine is our perspective on consciousness and how that influences our approach to healing. It is not just about treating patients, it is about healing ourselves, our families, our society and our planet. It is an ineffable quality. We try to express this orientation in the classroom, in our clinic, and in our relations with our community and other allied health care professionals. It is about the discipline of embodying the essence of Eastern thought and fusing it with the developing concepts of Western body/mind/spirit medicine. This holistic understanding allows for a far greater point of view when working with each other and our patients.

Those of us turning our attention to the study of acupuncture and Oriental medicine are looking for a deeper way of accessing the energies of the body/mind/spirit. Some may meditate daily, do taiji or qigong as part of a spiritual practice. Many connect with the Spirit of the Earth through outdoor activities. Some may practice the art of giving through community service. These activities exemplify the spirit of balance, an essential component in healing and living a full rich life. These are qualities we are looking for in our students.

It is my personal opinion that as a species we are on the brink of an evolutionary change in consciousness, and I believe the ancient healing arts from the East are a part of facilitating that shift. We are multi- dimensional energetic beings composed of physical bodies, emotions, mental activities, and spiritual aspirations. We need to tap into these levels of ourselves to know our full potential. This will allow us to bring about the healing of others, as well as the transformation of who we are.

Han University of Traditional Medicine is looking for mature students who are willing to move beyond the limited social constructs that have programmed us to think in certain narrow ways. Paradoxically, ancient systems of healing are avenues to discover the true beauty of what it is to be human and show us how to be present with each other in order to heal. I invite you to join us in this extraordinary journey.

Campus information

The campus has plenty of parking, a tree lined courtyard and nearby shops and restaurants.

Our facility offers classrooms, a student lounge/library, a teaching clinic with spacious, well-lit treatment rooms, bookstore, administrative offices, and an intern room with storage for raw Chinese herbs. The school and clinic are wheel chair accessible. The facilities have been established using the principles of feng shui, thus helping to create a harmonious atmosphere and a supportive environment for the study of Asian medicine and healing.

Han University is nestled near the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. The college and community clinic are located on the first floor of an office complex in the north central area of Tucson.


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