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Saginaw Valley State University

United States
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Student population Medium (1,001 to 10,000)
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About Saginaw Valley State University

At Saginaw Valley, our students experience opportunities of self discovery, leadership, growth and international experiences. Our faculty are here to teach and mentor students to become all they can be. Soon, you too will say, “It's a great day to be a Cardinal.”

The University creates opportunities for individuals to achieve intellectual and personal development through academic, professional, and cultural programs. By fostering an environment of inquiry and openness that respects the diversity of all whom it serves, the University prepares graduates whose leadership and expertise contribute to the advancement of a pluralistic society. The University serves as a cultural and intellectual center dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of knowledge.

The University will provide academic, professional, and cultural programs at the highest level of quality and service; it will achieve national recognition for its programs of distinction. The University’s graduates shall distinguish themselves and their University through meritorious service, accomplishments, and leadership in the economic, cultural, and civic affairs of a diverse and global society. Through exemplary teaching, research, and engagement with the greater community, the University will also be the premier cultural and intellectual resource for the region’s schools, governments, businesses, and people.

Campus information

  • Facility Operations

SVSU's 107 academic & auxiliary buildings, totaling over 2.5 million square feet, are exceptionally maintained through our professional custodial & housekeeping, HVAC, and maintainable staff. Our proficient grounds crew specially care for the 314 acres of SVSU's total 748 acre campus.

  • Facilities Planning & Construction

In concert with the Campus Master Plan (34,421kB), the planning & construction team oversee the project management of new construction and renovations strategically ensuring long-term sustainability, energy efficiency, and overall cost effectiveness.

  • Environmental Health & Safety

Ensuring the highest state of environmental health & safety standards are upheld throughout campus, both in the workplace and classrooms.  

  • Sustainability & Energy Management

SVSU is committed to conserving natural resources and promoting environmental quality through all aspects of university planning and operations and increasing responsiveness in our endeavor to achieve a more sustainable campus for future Cardinals.

Saginaw Valley State University is located on 748 acres approximately 9 miles from downtown Saginaw in Kochville Township, Saginaw County.


Living on Campus

You've made the right collegiate choice to attend comes the decision where to live.  SVSU offers spaces for over 2,700 students to call "my home away from home."

Over 70% of freshmen choose to live on campus.  There is no residency requirement, and yet, a majority of freshmen select on-campus living as their preference to be true Cardinals.  Why live on campus?  The experience is invaluable.  The compact campus creates an inordinate amount of opportunities within 5-10 minutes of walking.  Residents can also traverse campus mostly indoors as most academic buildings are connected. 

Roommates and neighbors become friends...friends become your extended family and support system here at SVSU.  Residents soon learn the rigors of scheduling around classes, studying, group projects, working, wellness, dining, and organizational meetings.  Time and convenience become precious commodities that help balance the demands on a full-time student when you can go "home" for breaks between. 

Modern housing facilities, dining services including national franchises, and community living opportunities for engagement all enhance the living experience outside the classroom.  Meet new people, gain independence, and build life-long friendships during your collegiate years. 


Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 2 Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Business, Management 3 Computer Science, IT 3 Creative Arts & Design 1 Engineering 1 Mass Communication & Media 1


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