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William Jewell College

Missouri, United States
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost USD 1,500 per month
Student population Small (1,000 or less)
International students Contact the university / college
Institution type Private

About William Jewell College

William Jewell College was established in 1849 in Liberty, Mo., at the edge of the American wilderness. Today, the 200-acre campus sits at the edge of both urban and rural landscapes, with rolling hills and Midwestern countryside in one direction and the Kansas City skyline in another.

The Jewell Journey is rich with opportunities for students to live what they learn. Students can engage in our Center for Justice and Sustainability, collaborate in our new Pryor Learning Commons, design their own Journey Grant anywhere in the world, be a Division II student-athlete, research with a professor, join the 2014 national championship Debate Team or launch an entrepreneurial venture through our Idea Exchange.

We focus on student achievement, emphasizing critical thinking, research, experiential learning and leadership. Consistently ranked among America’s best colleges in U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, Forbes and Washington Monthly, Jewell is cited for small class sizes, low student debt, high graduation rates, commitment to service and overall value.

Campus information

Thirty-eight nationally affiliated and 33 campus-wide organizations offer a range of experiences, from service organizations to the campus newspaper. Our three fraternities and four sororities provide alternative living-and-learning options. Students receive free tickets to the college’s Harriman-Jewell Series events, which features performances by such artists as STOMP, Wynton Marsalis with The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Broadway plays and musicals. 


You can come to Jewell knowing all rooms have a bed (with an extra long, twin mattress), 4-6 drawer dresser, desk, chair, wardrobe or closet space and Internet access for each resident.  Students supply their own bed linens, including pillows. In each residence hall, you will find lounge areas with a large TV, a kitchen and/or microwave/refrigerator access, laundry facilities and vending machines for those late night study sessions. Our staff operates an office in each hall that provides a myriad of checkout services (games, movies, etc.). You will find our staff friendly, helpful and willing to serve you—the resident.

For planning purposes, please know Jewell prohibits the following items in student rooms:  hot plates, toasters (all kinds), coffee makers, or anything with an exposed heating element. Also note these items can be stored and used in the common area kitchenettes, located in each building, for student use. Not sure if you can bring something? Just e-mail the Residence Life Staff, and we will let you know!

For dimensions information about the floor plan of your residence hall building or room, click on your building's name below. On the floor plans, the "R" denotes room dimensions, while "W" denotes window dimensions and how many of them are in the room. This should be helpful information, as you prepare for your new adventure at Jewell! 

First-Year Student Housing

Browning Hall
Browning is a first-year hall that houses both men and women. Each room has a sink and medicine cabinet/mirror. With tiled floors in each resident room (common areas and hallways are carpeted), students can opt to bring a carpet of their own or leave the floor as is. The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of the building. Total occupancy is 135.

Eaton Hall
The hall for first-year men and women, Eaton houses about 142 residents. The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of every floor. The first floor resident rooms of Eaton have a tiled floor, so students can opt to bring a carpet/rug or leave the floor as is. 
Ely Hall
One of the first-year halls, Ely houses about 138 men and women. The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of each floor. Ely's main lobby seves as a spacious common area for residents to study and lounge.

Upper-Class Student Housing

Jones Hall
Jones houses 41 upper-class male and female students. The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of each floor of the building. There are also two full kitchens for students to use. 

Melrose Hall
Melrose underwent a complete renovation in 2003. One of the upperclass halls, Melrose houses about 75 men and women. The restrooms are suite style, two double-occupancy rooms are joined by a full restroom for 3-4 residents. 

Semple Hall 
An upper-class hall, Semple houses 181 men and women. The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of every floor throughout the facility. Semple is our largest facility and offers a significant number of both double and single occupancy rooms.
Senior House
This 50 bed house has the capacity for male and female seniors.  The restrooms are community (shower stalls), located on each wing of the house.  The Senior House offers single, double, triple and quad occupancy rooms.


Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 2 Business, Management 1 Creative Arts & Design 2 English Language 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2 Mass Communication & Media 1 Sports Science 1


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