Bachelor Of Arts (Hons) In International Business Management (Part-Time)

Marketing Institute of Singapore
Aligarh, Singapore
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
1 year
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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


The institute's Board of Studies will assess all qualifications and admit students into the final year of the BA (Hons) International Business Management programme.

  • MISTC Diploma in Business Management

  • MISTC Diploma in Marketing Management AND Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management

  • Business or related Diploma from Local Polytechnics

  • Other related Diploma PLUS Advanced and/or Higher Diploma in business are considered on a case-by-case basis


The Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre Board of Studies reserves the right to change the above requirements and selection at their sole discretion.


Programme Structure & Curriculum

1. Strategic Management and Leadership (SM0374)
The aim of the module is to integrate learning that has taken place in previous years about the organisation and its environment and to encourage students to think strategically about the future development of organisations. The module will also show how leadership at all levels is important throughout this process and offer the opportunity for students to develop their own leadership, intellectual and creative skills.

2. Ethics and Governance (FN0360)
The module examines issues relating to business ethics and corporate governance. Business ethics involves the examination of relationship between the organisations, those involved in the management of organisations and external stakeholders. Alternative perspectives will be critically examined to provide intellectual frameworks and vocabulary to enable the student to identify their own reactions to the subject and debate their positions with peers.

Corporate governance is concerned with the structures created by government and other regulatory bodies around the world to address some of the issues raised by an investigation of business ethics. In particular, the function and role of the board will be examined together with the type of relationships posited with shareholders and others with a stake in the organisation.

3. Professional Project (NX0315)
The module provides an opportunity to explore the key study competences required to achieve academic success and develop these into employment competences to promote career success. These competences will be developed and practised and applied to an investigation of a business issue/problem. To support this individual investigation into an applied business problem or issue the student will be given a defined topic to research and relevant information relating to the topic. The information will be set in the context of an appropriate academic framework and the student will be expected to draw relevant conclusions, write up and submit the work in an approved format, target length 8 to 10,000 words.

4. Doing Business in Europe, Asia and The Americas (SM0376)
The module focuses on the issues that are important in International Business to Business transactions and relationships. The module concentrates on the similarities and differences that exist within business cultures in the three most important geographic regions. The module also recognises the financial management issues that organisations face when developing new relationships. The Identification of new partners, the negotiation process, collaboration issues and the termination of agreements are central to the module.

5. Culture and Organisations (HR0372)
The rationale of the module is to develop a coherent understanding of the issues relating to theory and practical applications of cultural and organisational impacts on organisations and institutions in the global and international environment.

6. Global Marketing and Communication (MK0389)
This module examines different concepts of international marketing within today’s dynamic world trading environment, and analyses the differences within aspects of domestic and international marketing planning. Whilst there will be clear links to international business, the module will concentrate on international marketing issues with a heavy emphasis placed upon the challenges of marketing communication in the global market place and in particular international advertising. The study of theoretical frameworks underpins the module, but with an emphasis on application to a variety of contexts.


September start
This programme consists of five modules and one professional project. This is a 12-month part-time programme.


Sep - Jan

Sem 1

Strategic Management 
and Leadership

Doing Business in Europe,

Asia and The Americas

Feb - May

Sem 2

Culture and Organisations

Global Marketing and Communication

Jun - Aug

Sem 3

Professional Project

Ethics and Governance


* Pathway modules

These programmes involve lectures, group discussions, case studies and presentations by students. Weekly lectures are conducted by qualified and experienced local lecturers approved by Northumbria University. Classes are usually held two to three times weekly from 7.00pm to 10.00pm on weekdays or 2.00pm to 5.00pm on Saturdays with a total of up to 36 contact hours per module.


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