MSC Biomedical Engineering

University of Warwick
United Kingdom
Master's Degree
Study mode
1 year
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 9,104
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 26,188

Entry Requirements

The Biomedical Engineering MSc is open to graduates with a good first degree in any physical science (such as engineering, maths, physics, chemistry) but is also open to graduates of the life sciences or medicine, providing it can be demonstrated that they have appropriate mathematical ability.

Important note: All applicants will be expected to know the following mathematical concepts and present a statement in the online application form of their mathematical ability.

  • Functions: graphing, function of a function, inequality, discontinuity, symmetry, multi-valued functions, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, inverse functions, partial fraction expansions.
  • Co-ordinate geometry: Cartesian and polar co-ordinates, rotation and translation of axes, conic sections.
  • Vector algebra: basic concepts, scalar and vector products, shortest distance between two lines, vector equation of a plane, differentiation of vectors.
  • Linear algebra: matrices and determinants, matrix vector equations, matrices as linear transformations.
  • Complex numbers: complex arithmetic, polar and exponential form, De Moivre's theorem, roots of complex numbers.
  • Differential and integral calculus: differentiation, maxima and minima, function of a function, total derivative, chain rule, integration.
  • Series and limits: sequences, types of series and tests for convergence, Maclaurin and Taylor series.
  • Differential equations: order and degree of differential equations, first and second order differential equations, separation of variables.
  • Mathematics for Biomedical Engineering - mathematic questions.


  • Directed Reading Course 
  • Systems Modelling and Simulation 
  • Physiological and Compartmental Modelling 
  • Biomedical Materials 
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Biomechanics 
  • ASICs, MEMS and Smart Devices 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics 
  • Precision Engineering and Microsystems 
  • Optical Engineering 
  • Individual project
  • Bone Investigation using Infrared Detection
  • Modelling Gas Exchange in the Human Respiratory System
  • Modelling of Acute Hypercalcemia Immunotherapy Treatment
  • The Proliferation and Differentiation of Osteoblast Cells on Engineered Biocomposite Surfaces

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